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Disciples of War

Paladin Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Paladin's Pledge Class quest 30 Lulutsu Paladin
 Spirits Within
Honor Lost Job quest 35 Jenlyns  Sheltron
 Oath Mastery
Power Struggles Class quest 40 Jenlyns  Prominence
Poisoned Hearts Job quest 45 Jenlyns
Parley in the Sagolii Job quest 45 Jenlyns  Cover
Keeping the Oath Job quest 50 Jenlyns  Hallowed Ground
Like a Knight in Shining Armor
An Exemplary Example Job quest 50 Jenlyns
The Paladin Who Cried Wolf Job quest 52 Papashan
Big Sollerets to Fill Job quest 54 Constaint  Goring Blade
Hey Soul Crystal Job quest 56 Constaint  Divine Veil
All According to Plan Job quest 58 Constaint  Clemency
This Little Sword of Mine Job quest 60 Constaint  Royal Authority
Like a Knight in Shining Armor II
 Rage of Halone Mastery
Tournament of the Century Job quest 60 Jenlyns
In Thal's Name Job quest 63 Mylla
In Nald's Name Job quest 65 Mylla
Fade to Black Lotus Job quest 68 Mylla
Raising the Sword Job quest 70 Mylla  Passage of Arms
Like a Knight in Shining Armor III
Worth Fighting For Sidequest 80 Jenlyns
Like a Knight in Shining Armor IV

Monk Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Brother from Another Mother Job quest 30 Gagaruna Monk
Insulted Intelligence Job quest 35 Erik  Shoulder Tackle
A Slave to the Aether Job quest 40 Erik  Fists of Fire
The Pursuit of Power Job quest 45 Erik  Four-point Fury
Good Vibrations Job quest 45 Erik
Five Easy Pieces Job quest 50 Erik  Dragon Kick
Bulletproof I
The Legend Continues Job quest 50 Erik
Let's Talk about Sects Job quest 52 Widargelt  Form Shift
Against the Shadow Job quest 54 Widargelt  Meditation
Fight the Battle to Win Job quest 56 Widargelt  Elixir Field
Stop the Senseless Killing Job quest 58 Widargelt
Appetite for Destruction Job quest 60 Widargelt  Tornado Kick
Bulletproof II
A Fistful of Resolve Job quest 60 Erik
Return of the Monk Job quest 63 Widargelt
Cross-fist Training Job quest 65 Widargelt
Choices and Paths Job quest 68 Widargelt
The Power to Protect Job quest 70 Widargelt  Brotherhood
Bulletproof III
A Monk's Legacy Sidequest 80 Erik
Bulletproof IV

Warrior Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Pride and Duty (Will Take You from the Mountain) Class quest 30 Wyrnzoen Warrior
Embracing the Beast Job quest 35 Curious Gorge  Inner Beast
Curious Gorge Goes to Wineport Job quest 40 Curious Gorge  Mythril Tempest
Looking the Part Job quest 45 Curious Gorge
Proof Is the Pudding Job quest 45 Curious Gorge  Steel Cyclone
How to Quit You Job quest 50 Curious Gorge  Infuriate
I Am the Warrior I
Better Axe Around Job quest 50 Curious Gorge
Duty and the Beast Job quest 52 Broken Mountain
The Bear Necessity Job quest 54 Broken Mountain  Fell Cleave
 Inner Beast Mastery
Pirates of Shallow Water Job quest 56 Broken Mountain  Raw Intuition
How to Train Your Warrior Job quest 56 Storm Captain
Slap an' Chop Job quest 58 Broken Mountain  Equilibrium
And My Axe Job quest 60 Broken Mountain  Decimate
 Steel Cyclone Mastery
I Am the Warrior II
Curious Gorge Meets His Match Job quest 60 Curious Gorge
Field Training Job quest 63 Broken Mountain
When Push Comes to Shove Job quest 65 Broken Mountain
Going the Distance Job quest 68 Broken Mountain
The Heart of the Problem Job quest 70 Curious Gorge  Inner Release
 Berserk Mastery
I Am the Warrior III
Once, Twice, Three Times a Warrior Sidequest 80 Curious Gorge
I Am the Warrior IV

Dragoon Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Eye of the Dragon Job quest 30 Ywain Dragoon
Lance of Fury Job quest 35 Alberic  Elusive Jump
Unfading Skies Job quest 40 Alberic  Doom Spike
Double Dragoon Job quest 45 Alberic
Fatal Seduction Job quest 45 Alberic  Spineshatter Dive
Into the Dragon's Maw Job quest 50 Alberic  Dragonfire Dive
Dragoon Age I
Sky's the Limit Job quest 50 Alberic
Days of Azure Job quest 52 Alberic  Battle Litany
Heart of Justice Job quest 52 Heustienne
Sworn Upon a Lance Job quest 54 Alberic  Blood of the Dragon
Dragoon's Errand Job quest 56 Alberic  Fang and Claw
Sanguine Dragoon Job quest 58 Alberic  Wheeling Thrust
Dragoon's Fate Job quest 60 Alberic  Geirskogul
Dragoon Age II
Friends Through Eternity Job quest 60 Alberic
Drowsy Dragons Job quest 63 Alberic
Serpent and the Sea of Rubies Job quest 65 Alberic
Dark as the Night Sky Job quest 68 Orn Khai
Dragon Sound Job quest 70 Orn Khai  Nastrond
 Life of the Dragon
Dragoon Age III
Gone but Not Forgiven Sidequest 80 Alberic
Dragoon Age IV

Bard Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
A Song of Bards and Bowmen Job quest 30 Luciane Bard
 Mage's Ballad
The Archer's Anthem Job quest 35 Jehantel  The Warden's Paean
Bard's-eye View Job quest 40 Jehantel  Army's Paeon
Doing It the Bard Way Job quest 45 Jehantel  Rain of Death
Pieces of the Past Job quest 45 Jehantel
Requiem for the Fallen Job quest 50 Jehantel  Battle Voice
A Bard's Tale I
On the Road Again Job quest 50 Jehantel
The Stiff and the Spent Job quest 52 Sanson  The Wanderer's Minuet
Requiem on Ice Job quest 54 Sanson  Empyreal Arrow
When Gnaths Cry Job quest 56 Sanson  Iron Jaws
A Saint of Song Job quest 58 Sanson
The Ballad of Oblivion Job quest 60 Sanson  Sidewinder
A Bard's Tale II
Three's a Company Job quest 60 Jehantel
Masked Motives Job quest 63 Sanson
One Autumn's Secret Job quest 65 Sanson
Sleeping Truths Lie Job quest 68 Sanson
Sweet Dreams Are Made of Peace Job quest 70 Guydelot  Refulgent Arrow
 Straight Shot Mastery
A Bard's Tale III
A Harmony from the Heavens Sidequest 80 Jehantel
A Bard's Tale IV

Ninja Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night Job quest 30 Jacke Ninja
My First Mudra Class quest 30 Oboro
Killer Combinations Class quest 35 Tsubame  Chi
Once Upon a Time in Doma Job quest 35 Oboro
Pirates versus Ninjas Class quest 40 Oboro  Shukuchi
Ninja Bathin' Job quest 40 Oboro
Tough Guys Class quest 45 Oboro  Jin
The Crow Knows Class quest 45 Oboro
Master and Student Job quest 50 Oboro  Kassatsu
Against the Ninja I
Strangers in a Strange Land Job quest 50 Oboro
The Impossible Girl Job quest 52 Oboro  Hakke Mujinsatsu
Ninja Assassin Job quest 54 Oboro  Armor Crush
Medieval Espionage Job quest 56 Oboro  Dream Within a Dream
 Adept Assassination
Staying Alive Class quest 58 Oboro
In Her Defense Class quest 60 Oboro
Against the Ninja II
Search for the Stolen Scroll Job quest 60 Oboro
Ninja Bathin' Redux Job quest 63 Yomei
A Game of Life and Death Job quest 65 Oboro
True Enlightenment Job quest 68 Jacke
When Clans Collide Job quest 70 Oboro  Ten Chi Jin
Against the Ninja III
Oboro's Big Idea Sidequest 80 Oboro
Against the Ninja IV

Dark Knight Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Our End Job quest 50 Ishgardian Citizen Dark Knight
Ishgardian Justice Job quest 30 Fray  Flood of Darkness
The Voice in the Abyss Job quest 35 Fray  Blood Weapon
Heroic Reprise Job quest 40 Fray  Edge of Darkness
Declaration of Blood Job quest 45 Fray
Our Answer Job quest 50 Fray  Living Dead
A Dark Day's Knight I
The Wages of Mercy Job quest 50 Unflinching Temple Knight
The Knight and the Maiden Fair Job quest 52 Sidurgu Orl  Salted Earth
Kindred Spirits Job quest 54 Sidurgu Orl  Plunge
Original Sins Job quest 56 Sidurgu Orl  Abyssal Drain
The Flame in the Abyss Job quest 58 Sidurgu Orl
Absolution Job quest 60 Sidurgu Orl  Carve and Spit
A Dark Day's Knight II
In Memories We Walked Job quest 60 Sidurgu Orl
The Widow and Her Love Job quest 63 Sidurgu Orl
The Orphans and the Broken Blade Job quest 65 Sidurgu Orl
We Can Never Go Home Job quest 68 Myste
Our Compromise Job quest 70 Sidurgu Orl  The Blackest Night
A Dark Day's Knight III
Our Closure Sidequest 80 Sidurgu Orl
A Dark Day's Knight IV

Machinist Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Savior of Skysteel Job quest 50 Stephanivien Machinist
Master of Marksmanship Job quest 30 Rostnsthal  Hypercharge
Always the Last Place You Look Job quest 35 Stephanivien  Heat Blast
Rook Before You Reap Job quest 40 Stephanivien  Rook Autoturret
Securing the Locks Job quest 40 Stephanivien
A Suppressive Strategy Job quest 45 Stephanivien
Blood on the Sands Job quest 45 Stephanivien
Rage against the Machinists Job quest 50 Stephanivien
The Power of a Tourney Job quest 50 Stephanivien  Ricochet
I'm a Machinist, Not a Man I
A Joye-less Celebration Job quest 50 Stephanivien
Pushing the Brume Job quest 52 Stephanivien  Auto Crossbow
A Joye-ful Reunion Job quest 54 Stephanivien  Heated Split Shot
 Split Shot Mastery
Wheels of Justice Job quest 56 Stephanivien  Tactician
Taking the Fall Job quest 58 Stephanivien  Drill
Rusted Steel Job quest 58 Stephanivien
Rise of the Machinists Job quest 60 Stephanivien  Heated Slug Shot
 Slug Shot Mastery
I'm a Machinist, Not a Man II
The Machinists' Choice Job quest 60 Stephanivien
The Hrunting Heist Job quest 63 Hilda
Release the Hounds Job quest 65 Hilda
Snouts Down, Tails Up Job quest 68 Hilda
The Mongrel and the Knight Job quest 70 Hilda  Flamethrower
I'm a Machinist, Not a Man III
Machinists for the Morrow Sidequest 80 Stephanivien
I'm a Machinist, Not a Man IV

Samurai Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
The Way of the Samurai Job quest 50 Ul'dahn Citizen Samurai
Master Musosai Job quest 50 Musosai
The Sands of Debt Job quest 52 Musosai
Blood on the Deck Job quest 54 Musosai
A Fraudster in the Forest Job quest 56 Musosai
Tears in the Snow Job quest 58 Musosai
The Face of True Evil Job quest 60 Momozigo  Meditate
A Dignified Visitor Job quest 60 Momozigo
Trials of the Sekiseigumi Job quest 63 Momozigo
Matsuba Mayhem Job quest 65 Makoto
The Hunt for Ugetsu Job quest 68 Makoto
The Battle on Bekko Job quest 70 Makoto  Hissatsu: Guren
The Legend of Musosai Sidequest 80 Makoto

Gunbreaker Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
The Makings of a Gunbreaker Feature quest 60 Gods' Quiver Bow Gunbreaker
Hired Gunblades Class quest 60 Radovan
For Better or Worse Class quest 63 Radovan
Confessions of a Flaming Mongrel Class quest 65 Radovan
Of Defectors and Defenders Class quest 68 Radovan
Steel against Steel Class quest 70 Sophie  Continuation
Gunnhildr's Blade I
Gunblades of the Patriots Sidequest 80 Radovan
Gunnhildr's Blade II

Dancer Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Shall We Dance Class quest 60 Eager Lominsan Dancer
Gamboling for Gil Class quest 60 Nashmeira
A Soirée in the Sultanate Class quest 63 Nashmeira
Dances with Duskwights Class quest 65 Nashmeira
High-steppin' in the Holy See Class quest 68 Nashmeira
Save the Last Dance for Me Class quest 70 Ranaa Mihgo  Technical Step
No Friends of Mine I
Rising to the Occasion Sidequest 80 Nashmeira
No Friends of Mine II

Disciples of Magic

White Mage Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Seer Folly Class quest 30 E-Sumi-Yan White Mage
 Presence of Mind
Only You Can Prevent Forest Ire Job quest 35 Raya-O-Senna  Regen
O Brother, Where Art Thou Class quest 40 Raya-O-Senna  Cure III
Following in His Footsteps Class quest 45 Raya-O-Senna
Yearn for the Urn Class quest 45 Raya-O-Senna  Holy
Heart of the Forest Class quest 50 Raya-O-Senna  Benediction
Seeing White I
Taint Misbehaving Class quest 50 Raya-O-Senna
A Journey of Purification Class quest 52 Eschiva  Asylum
 Secret of the Lily
The Girl with the Dragon Tissue Class quest 54 Eschiva  Stone III
 Stone Mastery II
The Dark Blight Writhes Class quest 56 Eschiva  Assize
In the Wake of Death Class quest 58 Eschiva  Thin Air
Trials of the Padjals Class quest 58 Eschiva
Hands of Healing Class quest 60 Raya-O-Senna  Tetragrammaton
Seeing White II
Unease in East End Job quest 60 Raya-O-Senna
An Aura for Trouble Job quest 63 Sylphie
A Beacon for Bad Things Job quest 65 Sylphie
The Problem with Padjals Job quest 68 Sylphie
What She Always Wanted Job quest 70 Sylphie  Plenary Indulgence
Seeing White III
Whence the Healing Springs Sidequest 80 Raya-O-Senna
Seeing White IV

Black Mage Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Taking the Black Job quest 30 Yayake Black Mage
You'll Never Go Back Job quest 35 Lalai  Freeze
International Relations Job quest 40 Lalai  Blizzard III
The Voidgate Breathes Gloomy Job quest 45 Kazagg Chah  Thunder III
 Thunder Mastery
The Blood Must Flow Job quest 45 Kazagg Chah
Always Bet on Black Job quest 50 Kazagg Chah  Flare
Back in Black I
Black Books Job quest 50 Lalai
An Unexpected Journey Job quest 52 Lalai  Ley Lines
A Cunning Plan Job quest 54 Lalai  Sharpcast
Black Squawk Down Job quest 56 Lalai  Enochian
Destruction in the Name of Justice Job quest 58 Lalai  Blizzard IV
The Defiant Ones Job quest 60 Lalai  Fire IV
Back in Black II
Shades of Shatotto Job quest 60 Lalai
Golems Gone Wild Job quest 63 Lalai
When the Golems Get Tough Job quest 65 Lalai
Unnatural Selection Job quest 68 Lalai
One Golem to Rule Them All Job quest 70 Lalai  Foul
 Enhanced Enochian
Back in Black III
A Home for a Tome Sidequest 80 Lalai
Back in Black IV

Summoner Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Austerities of Flame Job quest 30 Thubyrgeim Summoner
 Summon III
Austerities of Earth Job quest 35 Y'mhitra  Energy Siphon
Shadowing the Summoner Job quest 40 Y'mhitra  Outburst
Allagan Attire Job quest 45 Y'mhitra
Austerities of Wind Job quest 45 Y'mhitra
Primal Burdens Job quest 50 Y'mhitra  Enkindle
Soul Summoner I
A Fitting Tomestone Job quest 50 Y'mhitra
A Matter of Fact Job quest 52 Y'mhitra  Painflare
A Miner Negotiation Job quest 54 Dancing Wolf  Ruin III
 Ruin Mastery
Mad, Bad, and Ebon-clad Job quest 56 Dancing Wolf  Tri-disaster
I Could Have Tranced All Night Job quest 58 Dancing Wolf  Dreadwyrm Trance
A Flare for the Dramatic Job quest 60 Dancing Wolf  Deathflare
Soul Summoner II
A Book with Bite Job quest 60 Y'mhitra
Performing for Prin Job quest 63 Y'mhitra
An Egi-stential Crisis Job quest 65 Y'mhitra
Off the Record Job quest 68 Y'mhitra
An Art for the Living Job quest 70 Y'mhitra  Summon Bahamut
 Enhanced Dreadwyrm Trance
Soul Summoner III
To Be Second Best Sidequest 80 Y'mhitra
Soul Summoner IV

Scholar Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Forgotten but Not Gone Job quest 30 Murie Scholar
The Last Remnants Job quest 35 Alka Zolka  Succor
The Consequences of Anger Job quest 40 Alka Zolka
In the Image of the Ancients Job quest 45 Alka Zolka
For Your Fellow Man Job quest 45 Alka Zolka  Lustrate
The Beast Within Job quest 50 Alka Zolka  Sacred Soil
Flying Colors I
The Green Death Job quest 50 Alka Zolka
Quarantine Job quest 52 Surito Carito  Indomitability
False Friends Job quest 54 Surito Carito  Broil
 Broil Mastery
Ooh Rah Job quest 56 Surito Carito  Deployment Tactics
Unseen Job quest 58 Surito Carito  Emergency Tactics
Forward, Royal Marines Job quest 60 Surito Carito  Dissipation
Flying Colors II
The Vanishing Act Job quest 60 Alka Zolka
A Safe Place to Hide Job quest 63 Surito Carito
In Loving Memory Job quest 65 Alka Zolka
The Chase Job quest 68 Alka Zolka
Our Unsung Heroes Job quest 70 Alka Zolka  Aetherpact
Flying Colors III
True Beauty Sidequest 80 Alka Zolka
Flying Colors IV

Astrologian Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Stairway to the Heavens Job quest 50 Jannequinard Astrologian
Fortune Favors the Bole Job quest 30 Leveva  Diurnal Sect
Hanging in the Balance Job quest 35 Jannequinard
A Lesson in Patience Job quest 40 Jannequinard  Redraw
Slings and Arrows Job quest 40 Leveva
Ewer Right Job quest 45 Jannequinard  Gravity
Loved by the Sun Job quest 50 Jannequinard  Nocturnal Sect
Spearheading Initiatives Job quest 50 Leveva  Synastry
The Stars in Our Faults I
Sharlayan Ascending Job quest 50 Jannequinard
Empty Nest Job quest 52 Jannequinard
Conviction Job quest 54 Jannequinard  Malefic II
 Malefic Mastery
Feather in the Cap Job quest 56 Jannequinard
Trumped Job quest 58 Jannequinard  Collective Unconscious
The Hands of Fate Job quest 60 Jannequinard  Celestial Opposition
The Stars in Our Faults II
East Meets West Job quest 60 Jannequinard
Ride Like the Wind Job quest 63 Leveva
Come Rain or Shrine Job quest 65 Jannequinard
Behind Door Number Two Job quest 68 Kyokuho
Foxfire Job quest 70 Kyokuho  Sleeve Draw
The Stars in Our Faults III
Love, Astrologically Sidequest 80 Jannequinard
The Stars in Our Faults IV

Red Mage Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Taking the Red Job quest 50 Distraught Lass Red Mage
The Crimson Duelist Job quest 50 X'rhun Tia
A Rewarding Struggle Job quest 52 X'rhun Tia
Tracking the Cabal Job quest 54 X'rhun Tia
A Vermilion Vendetta Job quest 56 X'rhun Tia
On Lambard's Trail Job quest 58 X'rhun Tia
Stained in Scarlet Job quest 60 X'rhun Tia  Manafication
Red on Arrival I
The Color of Her Hair Job quest 60 X'rhun Tia
Traced in Blood Job quest 63 X'rhun Tia
Nightkin Job quest 65 X'rhun Tia
Child of Lilith Job quest 68 X'rhun Tia
With Heart and Steel Job quest 70 X'rhun Tia  Verholy
Red on Arrival II
Succession of Steel Sidequest 80 Arya
Red on Arrival III

Blue Mage Quests

Quest Type Level Quest Giver Unlocks
Out of the Blue Job quest 50 Zealous Yellowjacket Blue Mage
 Water Cannon
Blue Leading the Blue Job quest 1 Martyn
Blue Collar Work Job quest 10 Martyn
Why They Call It the Blues Job quest 20 Martyn
Scream Blue Murder Job quest 30 Martyn
Blue Gold Job quest 40 Maudlin Latool Ja
The Real Folk Blues Job quest 50 Maudlin Latool Ja
Turning Over a Blue Leaf Job quest 50 Maudlin Latool Ja
Into the Blue Again Job quest 50 Martyn
Something Borrowed, Something Blue Job quest 53 Martyn
Bolt from the Blue Job quest 55 Martyn
Blue in the Face Job quest 58 Martyn
Blue Scream of Death Job quest 60 Martyn
Blue Cheese Job quest 60 Martyn
Second-rate Entertainment Feature quest 60 Martyn
Everybody Was Fukumen Fighting Feature quest 63 P'yandih
Azuro and Goliath Job quest 65 Martyn
Where the Gold Goes Job quest 68 Martyn
Master of Mimicry Job quest 70 Martyn
A Future in Blue Job quest 70 Martyn

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