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Shades of Shatotto

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Shades of Shatotto

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.9, Y:13.5)
Black Mage
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Far Edge of Fate
Experience 100,000
Gil 2,026
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Defiant Ones
Next quest
Feature QuestGolems Gone Wild

Lalai is eyeing you expectantly.

— In-game description



  • Lalai is eyeing you expectantly.
  • Lalai eagerly shares with you a new and most fascinating discovery. In poring over the reunited Books of Nald'thal, she has unearthed what appears to be a long-lost incantation. Entirely unfamiliar to her, the spell is accompanied by only a concise instruction urging the would-be caster to speak the words at Nald's Reflection. Convinced that Master Ququruka meant to bequeath some profound knowledge to his pupil, Lalai dashes off, making it all too clear that she expects you to follow close behind.
  • At Lalai's behest, you invoke the spell according to the instructions writ in the tome. No sooner have the words left your mouth than a wisp of light emerges from the chalice of the statue of Nald. It then floats across the room, stopping before you in an ominous warning before striking the body of your companion in full force. Not moments later, Lalai is no longer herself, but speaking to you in the voice of none other than Shatotto─the storied mother of black magic herself. No sooner has the mighty sorceress introduced herself to you than she brandishes her staff in your general direction, eager to test whether you are worthy of aiding her in performing some cryptic-yet-vital task. Summoning forth all the strength you can muster, you hold the sorceress and her array of destructive incantations at bay, a development which seems to please her greatly.
  • Relieved to see that you indeed possess the strength she seeks, Shatotto at last deigns to share with you the true reason for her return. She has scarce begun to describe the impending danger, however, when her strength begins to fade. Moments later, she is gone, and Lalai once again regains control of her own consciousness. At a loss for how to proceed, she proposes that you return to the Sacrarium to further discuss the matter at hand.
  • Though Shatotto's sudden appearance has raised more questions than answers, one thing is clear: there are dark clouds on the horizon. As Lalai returns to the study of the tomes in hopes of gleaning further answers, you return to your study of the black arts, that you might be better equipped to face the challenges to come.
    • ※The next black mage quest will be available from Lalai upon reaching level 63.