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Azuro and Goliath

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Azuro and Goliath

Azuro and goliath1.png
Quest giver
Kugane (X:13.8, Y:9.5)
Blue Mage
Learn Tingle.png  Tingle
Experience 26,250
Gil 1,132
Previous quest
Feature QuestEverybody Was Fukumen Fighting
Next quest
Feature QuestWhere the Gold Goes

Martyn greets you with a confident smile.

— In-game description


Tingle.png  Tingle is available via:

Open World

This item is not dropped by any creature.



  • Martyn greets you with a confident smile.
  • The day of the exhibition match has come, and Martyn proclaims himself ready for the duel. Mostly. Actually, he would feel far more confident if he could somehow reclaim the costume that Gyodo stole and sold off. He invites you along to stalk the back alleys of Kogane Dori, and flush out the unscrupulous Namazu.
  • You succeed in accosting Gyodo, only to discover that he auctioned off Martyn's outfit piece by piece. It seems you will need to scour the shops and stalls of Kugane in order to purchase them back. Martyn says he will search the markets of the Rakuza District, and volunteers you to visit the merchants of Kogane Dori.
  • Your queries into the whereabouts of Martyn's costume are met with discouraging news: from what you can gather, some Lalafell fellow has been a step ahead of you in purchasing the various articles of blue mage apparel. If you hurry, however, you might still catch the man somewhere nearby...
  • The Lalafell flees at your approach, but after cornering him in an alley, the young man's shoulders slump in resignation. It is Nutiba Buntiba. He mournfully admits to being Bluehood, and confesses his part in stealing the soul crystals and organizing the festival. Unwilling─and seemingly unable─to explain his actions, he nevertheless seeks to make some small amends by putting the full set of the Great Azuro's costume in your hands. Nutiba bids you deliver the outfit to Martyn, who awaits you outside the castle gates near the Ijin District.
  • A bemused Martyn accepts the costume from you, and enters the arena for his duel with Golden Goliath. Despite his best efforts, however, the guildmaster finds himself overwhelmed by his opponent's mastery of multiple forms of spellcraft. Thoroughly dejected, but unable to contain his curiosity, Martyn once more lingers by the gates to interrogate the man who thrashed him so soundly.
  • In answer to Martyn's incredulous questions, Golden Goliath claims to have had no mentor─that his arts are “inimitable.” Rudely dismissed by the crowing Kageyama, Martyn trudges back to the teahouse once more.
  • Aflame with the desire for a rematch, Martyn decides that a more thorough investigation into Golden Goliath's inimitable arts is in order. He then turns his attention back to the teahouse customers, but not before advising you against neglecting your own advanced studies.