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Fortune Favors the Bole

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Fortune Favors the Bole

Quest giver
South Shroud (X:25.0, Y:22.0)

Experience 7,410
Previous quest
Stairway to the Heavens
Next quest
Hanging in the Balance

— In-game description




You are able commence a Duty right after accepting the job quest at the same spot, with Leveva starting it. You will be synced down to level 34 if you are higher than that.

Leveva, Quimerain and the Sharlayan escort will accompany you throughout the Duty as you rescue Mace from the bandits, with Leveva standing at the back and giving instructions as how to use the cards you draw with the 'Draw' command while supporting Quimerain and the Sharlayan escort as they attack the bandits and monsters.

Along the way and on some side paths, you find cards which have been dropped by Mace. Pick them up for Leveva to give a quick mention what the card is, along with a stacking healing bonus that lasts a few minutes.

In case Quimerain and the Sharlayan escort stay behind you, attack bandit/monster groups to bring them forward, with Quimerain easily picking up the enemies with Flash.

Upon reaching the bandit leader, a fight ensures and the leader will cast bio/virus/paralyze on you or your allies, which you should cleanse if possible while monitoring your and their health at all times. Eventually, voidsent will be summoned and you need to additionally watch out for area attacks.

Beat the bandit leader and she will flee.

Return to Ishgard after watching the cutscene and receive your reward.


  • Speak with Leveva.
  • Save Mace.
  • Return to the Athenaeum Astrologicum and speak with Janniquinard.


  • Leveva waits patiently for you to pull yourself together and equip her grandfather's soul crystal.
  • After providing you with a brief but detailed introduction to astrology and astromancy, Leveva allows you a few moments to test out your newly acquired skills. Once you feel comfortable in your new skin, speak with the young Sharlayan astrologian and begin your search for her grandfather.
  • You are successful in rescuing Professor Mace. Quimperain has agreed to escort them on the remainder of their journey to Ishgard. You are to return ahead of the group and inform Jannquinard of the day's happenings (if he hasn't already seen them in the stars).
  • As you have inherited her grandfather's Soul of the Astrologian, Leveva has been assigned to oversee your training. By the way of a first lesson, you are to practice alone while she finds a suitable location for your next lesson.
  • The next astrologian quest will be available from Jannequinard upon reaching level 35.

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