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Our Answer

Dark Knight HQ Quest image1.png
Quest giver
Foundation (X:11.3, Y:12.1)
Dark Knight
Experience 46,800
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestDeclaration of Blood
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Wages of Mercy

Fray was here long before you met.

— In-game description





  • Fray was here long before you met.
  • Fray knows what is best for us, so we will do as he asks. We will wait for him outside the Gates of Judgement and say his name so he will know we are here.
  • A pair of knights hailing from Whitebrim Front overhear your summons and recognize you as the Warrior of Light. Seizing the opportunity to exploit the good nature of the fool who could not wait for his comrade and put this nonsense behind him forever, the knights convince you to help them deal with a band of giants. Head to Daniffen Pass and get it over with.
  • While your courageous new friends distract the dross, you will seek out and slay the leader. What a brilliant plan! Nothing like the countless other times we slew someone else's enemies.
  • You killed them. Well done. Can we go now?
  • Serve... Save... Slave... Slay... You struggle to hear the words of the knights over the pounding in your head. It would seem that Lord Drillemont has summoned you to Whitebrim Front to discuss allegations which have been made against you, including the rather disturbing charge that you were observed conversing with a corpse. Nothing for it, then. Journey to Whitebrim Front and kill them all.
  • Darkness dwells within us all, but few are forced to confront it as you are. One moment, Fray stands before you, and in the next, it is your twin. As you wrestle for control with your darkside, the voices of Whitebrim Front cry out to you in support, even as your own voice belittles your struggle. And then...as quickly as it began, it ends. Your soul is in your keeping once more.
  • By Lord Drillemont's command, none will speak of what they saw─a gesture you find more comforting with every passing moment. Even after regaining your faculties, your memories of Fray are still muddled...and though your darkside has been subdued, it remains your constant companion, yearning to be free. Yearning to set you free. You need only ask.