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Behind Door Number Two

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Behind Door Number Two

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Quest giver
Kugane (X:13.2, Y:12.9)
Experience 108,000
Gil 1,771
Previous quest
Come Rain or Shrine
Next quest

Kyokuho is giving you his best “Where have you been, young man/lady? I've been waiting for days” look.

— In-game description



  • Kyokuho is giving you his best “Where have you been, young man/lady? I've been waiting for days” look.
  • With nothing else to go on, Kyokuho suggests a journey to the place of his great-grandfather's training─Yanxia. Since you, too, have no better ideas, you agree to join him in Namai to begin the search for...something. Anything.
  • According to the elders of Namai, geomancers once used a temple known as the Swallow's Compass to sharpen their minds and bodies. The temple is now abandoned, but Kyokuho believes there may be a chance that something can be discovered inside. Travel south to the One River and meet him near the building.
  • Your intrusion sets off a trap, awakening a guardian ordered by the geomancers to protect the temple gates. The battle is fierce and bloody, but you emerge victorious. Speak with Kyokuho to decide your next move.
  • After confirming there are no more traps, Kyokuho enters the Swallow's Compass alone to search for anything that might provide insight into his great-grandfather's barrier. He finds several scrolls that appear to do just that, but their condition prevents him from being certain. Convinced that Murakumo can decipher the scrolls, he sets off for the Shiokaze Hostelry.
  • Master Murakumo is indeed able to decipher the scrolls but what he finds leaves Kyokuho─for the first time in recent memory─speechless. The only true way to lay the bonds for an unbreakable barrier is with the blood of a sacrifice. Follow Kyokuho to Kogane Dori and ask what he requires of you next.
  • Refusing to even consider the offering of a sacrifice, Kyokuho finds himself back again at a familiar place─square one. Needing more time to think, he suggests you continue your own training until an epiphany is had.
    • ※The next astrologian quest will be available from Kyokuho upon reaching level 70.