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Where the Gold Goes

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Where the Gold Goes

Where the gold goes1.png
Quest giver
Kugane (X:13.8, Y:9.5)
Blue Mage
Learn Ultravibration.png  Ultravibration
Experience 27,000
Gil 1,950
Previous quest
Azuro and Goliath
Next quest
Master of Mimicry

Martyn appears restless and frustrated.

— In-game description


Ultravibration.png  Ultravibration is available via:

Open World

This item is not dropped by any creature.



  • Martyn appears restless and frustrated.
  • Martyn, frustrated by his attempts to discern the nature of Golden Goliath, has hit upon the simple plan of following his opponent from a discreet distance. Join the guildmaster in his spying efforts near the castle gates.
  • Golden Goliath finally makes his exit from the castle, and you and Martyn begin tailing your prey. You follow along, undetected, and eventually arrive at Pier #2...
  • After a brief talk with the falcon porter, Martyn informs you that Golden Goliath appears to have commandeered a special bird on a direct route to the village of Namai. The guildmaster urges you to hurry to the settlement in Yanxia before your quarry is lost.
  • You rendezvous with Martyn in Namai in time to see that the inhabitants are obviously familiar with the strange behavior of Golden Goliath. Reasoning that the residents might know the mysterious combatant better than the citizens of Kugane, Martyn suggests that the two of you split up and ask a few questions.
  • Your conversations with the villagers reveal that Golden Goliath was formerly known as “Gogo,” a mimicry artist of some renown in the region. Seek out Martyn, and share your revelations.
  • Although your investigations turned up some interesting facts, it would seem that Martyn has made a new friend who is willing to divulge a more complete history of the enigmatic Golden Goliath. The old villager reveals that “Gogo,” as the champion was otherwise known, was part of his troupe of performers in the time before Lord Kaien's rebellion. A miraculous mimic, Gogo gained fame for his impossible imitations before a change in fortune saw him seek out a new stage as the undefeated star of the Fukumen Fighting Festival.
  • By the time you return to the docks of Kugane, Martyn has decided on his strategy for tackling the formidable Golden Goliath. Footwork and flexibility will be the key to victory, and it is with this goal in mind that the guildmaster returns to his training. Or at least he will, once the customers have been served their tea.