Mad, Bad, and Ebon-clad

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Mad, Bad, and Ebon-clad

Summoner Job Image 2.JPG
Quest giver
Dancing Wolf
Ul'dah (X:8.7, Y:9.3)

Experience 72,000
Gil 1,009
Previous quest
A Miner Negotiation
Next quest
I Could Have Tranced All Night

Dancing Wolf is ready to go on the offensive.

— In-game description






  • Speak with Dancing Wolf at the Hall of Flames in Ul'dah
  • Lie in wait at the designated location
  • Aid the courier decoy
  • Speak with Dancing Wolf at the Hall of Flames


  • Dancing Wolf is ready to go on the offensive.
  • After noting that Tristan's attacks have ceased since increasing trade route patrols, Dancing Wolf puts forth his plan to lure the summoner into a trap. He has arranged for a lightly guarded caravan as bait, and would have you and Y'mhitra be present to assist in engaging the dangerous mage. Make your way to Camp Bluefog in northern Thanalan, and speak with the captain to learn the details of the ambush.
  • You arrive in Camp Bluefog, and Dancing Wolf explains his simple plan: the caravan, carrying a shipment of crystals, will conveniently break an axle on its way to the processing plant. You, Y'mhitra, and the captain are to take up positions nearby, and await Tristan's attack. Head to your assigned position, and stay alert for the black-robed madman.
  • Lured by the promise of easy plunder, a mage and his flame-enshrouded familiar have appeared and assaulted the caravan. Defeat the ebon-clad summoner and Ifrit-Egi, and put an end to the string of callous attacks.
  • Following a furious exchange of arcane violence, the black-robed villain lies defeated at your feet. Tend now to the wounded courier decoy.
  • Dancing Wolf and Y'mhitra join you at the scene of the battle, after defeating opponents of their own. Upon inspecting the body of the summoner, however, the Flame captain is astonished to discover that the assailant is not Tristan, but Tristan's elder brother, Kahedin. It is then that the Ascian of the Twelfth Chalice appears, lamenting his decision to employ the siblings as pawns. The Paragon proceeds to laud the primal-slaying efforts of the Bringer of Light, before vanishing as abruptly as he had appeared. Return now to the Hall of Flames in Ul'dah, and discuss these revelations with Dancing Wolf.
  • The identity of the black-robed menace has finally been revealed as the long-dead Kahedin─a reanimated puppet of a powerful Ascian. Though Tristan and his brother are now free of the Paragon's manipulations, Dancing Wolf is intent on exacting vengeance on the callous immortal. Y'mhitra counsels caution, warning that the servants of darkness are not to be lightly challenged. To that end, the researcher then instructs you in yet another secret of ancient Allagan magicks. Continue your efforts to master the art of summoning that you might benefit from the wisdom hidden within the remaining tomestones.

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