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Slings and Arrows

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Slings and Arrows

AST HW quest image1.png
Quest giver
The Pillars (X:15.2, Y:10.2)

Experience 22,540
Gil 0
Previous quest
A Lesson in Patience
Next quest
Ewer Right

Leveva appears to be fully recovered from her ordeal with the bandits and is ready to continue your training.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Jannequinard.
  • Speak with Quimperain in Limsa Lominsa.
  • Gather information in Fisherman's Bottom.
  • Gather information in the Coral Tower.
  • Gather information at the Seventh Sage.
  • Await Leveva's arrival at the rendezvous point.
  • Speak with Jannequinard in Ishgard.


  • Leveva appears to be fully recovered from her ordeal with the bandits and is ready to continue your training.
  • Leveva insists you and Jannequinard are ready to open the fourth heaven's gate. She and Quimperain will travel ahead, while you inform Jannequinard of your new quest and prepare for the coming journey.
  • Jannequinard has decided he will not be accompanying you to Limsa Lominsa─the location of your next lesson. You have a feeling Lady Leveva will not be in the best of moods when she sees you arrive at Hawkers' Round alone.
  • Quimperain's face is white with fear when you meet him in Hawkers' Round, for Lady Leveva has gone missing. While he looks for her in the city's more disreputable establishments, he bids you scour Fisherman's Bottom and the Coral Tower.
  • While several people claim to have seen Leveva, no one knows her current whereabouts. Meet with Quimperain at the Seventh Sage and see if he has had better luck.
  • Quimperain claims that Leveva is scheduled to return to the Seventh Sage later this evening. Wait at the rendezvous point until the twelfth bell, and if the Sharlayan does not show, then proceed to the Drowning Wench to conduct one final search.
  • After successfully locating Leveva amongst an army of impostors, you journey to the Anchor Yard only to find a second army awaiting your arrival. However, with the aid of a few newly made friends, you succeed in driving off the pirates and are about to deliver the final blow to their captain, when Quimperain falls victim to her highly unoriginal trap. The trap, though, never is given the chance to unfold, when, like a knight in shining armor, Commodore Reyner of the Thalassocratic Navy arrives to chase off the captain and save the day. With all threats either fled or lying strewn about the city in pools of their own blood, you are finally able to attune with the fourth heaven─the Arrow. Return to Ishgard and regale Jannequinard with the grand tale of your adventures in Limsa Lominsa.
  • You return to find Jannequinard has already been scolded by Leveva for his absence on your most recent trip. He does, however, claim he spent the time productively─speaking with high-ranking members of the Holy See about the possibility of holding an official audience with Leveva regarding Sharlayan astrology. His labors, unsurprisingly, bore no fruit.



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