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True Beauty

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True Beauty

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Quest giver
Alka Zolka
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.1, Y:6.2)
Required quest
Shadowbringers (Quest)
The Soul of Temperance
Experience 448,800
Gil 2,990
Previous quest
Our Unsung Heroes

Alka Zolka appears to be on the point of setting out somewhere.

— In-game description




  • Speak with Surito Carito outside of the Wanderer's Palace.
  • Survey the designated location and slay a verdant treant for its root.
  • Deliver the revival root to Surito Carito at the Wanderer's Palace.
  • Speak with Alka Zolka.
  • Speak with Setoto on the Long Climb.
  • Speak with Surito Carito at the Wanderer's Palace.
  • Speak with Alka Zolka.
  • Speak with Setoto.
  • Speak with Surito Carito.


  • Alka Zolka appears to be on the point of setting out somewhere.
  • You speak with Alka Zolka, who is pleased to see you again. He invites you to join him at a training session in Upper La Noscea, where he will be meeting Surito Carito─and you agree, as one can never know too many martial tactics.
  • You and Alka Zolka locate Surito Carito near the Wanderer's Palace, where you are shortly joined by Setoto. The plan to train in Nymian mariner stratagems is soon left by the wayside, however, once you relate your experiences in the First. The story of how Lamitt cured stoneblight, in particular, catches Surito Carito's attention, and he exclaims that he may have an idea by which the same principles might be applied in the curing of the Nymian plague. It would not do to neglect any possible avenues that may lead to such a cure, of course, so the remaining three of you readily sign on to test his theory.
  • You travel to the South Shroud and obtain the root that Surito Carito assigned you to procure with little trouble. As your errand took you farthest from upper La Noscea, it would be reasonable to expect that the others will have completed their own portions of the preparation ere you return.
  • Alas, you are not the last to arrive back at the Wanderer's Palace─Alka Zolka, it transpires, was delayed by another run-in with a certain infamous goldsmith. Though all of the necessary materials are now assembled, there remains one more step to be taken: the testing of the experimental compound. Surito Carito hypothesizes that, in the unlikely event that he has miscalculated, consuming the concoction could result in an irreversible transformation into a mindless monster. Given the severity of the danger, he volunteers himself as test subject; however, Setoto points out that without him, the rest of the tonberries have little hope of finding a cure. She suggests that the compound be tested on her instead, but Alka Zolka is entirely unwilling to entertain the idea. Both become increasingly agitated, Setoto at last stalking off to spend time alone with her thoughts.
  • You speak with Alka Zolka, who seems genuinely not to understand why Setoto does not appreciate his objections to her plan. After sending him off to cool his head, Surito Carito privately shares with you that he is concerned that Setoto's willingness to volunteer herself as test subject stems more from her love for Alka Zolka and desire to be a normal girl than it does from the logic she presented. He begs you seek her out and determine whether she has truly thought her choice through.
  • When you confront Setoto, she admits to being in love with Alka Zolka, but maintains that this is not her primary reason for putting herself forth to test the cure. Rather, her experiences have imparted a keen awareness of the suffering that the tonberries are ever plagued by, and she is determined to help her countrymen─something that she is uniquely physiologically suited to do, as one of the youngest and last to have been afflicted with the disease.
  • Back at the Wanderer's Palace, Setoto reiterates her commitment to undergoing the experiment. This time, Surito Carito is convinced by her logic, and Alka Zolka by her heartfelt words. Thus, the test begins, Setoto drinking the concoction to destabilize her own aether, Alka Zolka holding the Amdapori focus aloft, and you and your faerie channeling as much restorative aether as you can manage together. Though the experience appears to be excruciating, Setoto bears the pain, and in the end stands before you a Lalafell, with nary a trace of green to be seen.
  • You speak with Alka Zolka, who is delighted that the cure was successful. He rambles about how admirable Surito Carito, you, and especially Setoto are before rushing off to continue his training, apparently seized with inspiration.
  • Setoto comments on Alka Zolka's abrupt departure with fondness, and affirms to you that she will find a way to convey her feelings to him someday, though she is in no hurry to do so. At last, she has a real future ahead of her─with ample time to live, to love, and to pursue her dreams of becoming a scholar.
  • Surito Carito, too, is pleased with the experiment's success. He vows to continue his research, and is confident that, in due course, he will be able to cure many more victims of the Nymian plague with the same methods tested on Setoto. Perhaps on some morn not far in the future, the sun will rise to see all tonberries restored to their former selves...