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Our Unsung Heroes

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Our Unsung Heroes

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Quest giver
Alka Zolka
South Shroud (X:17.0, Y:28.7)
Experience 216,000
Gil 3,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Chase
Next quest
Side QuestTrue Beauty

Alka Zolka impatiently awaits your arrival.

— In-game description







  • Alka Zolka impatiently awaits your arrival.
  • Alka Zolka informs you that Landenel has officially been granted permission from the Order of the Twin Adder to enter the lost city. Asking that you accompany him to the gates, he then dashes off with you following not too far behind him.
  • You wait for Landenel to arrive, and together, the three of you enter the portal. Almost immediately you spot the phantom faerie and give chase. Puzzled by its movements, Alka comments that the sphere of purple light seems as though it is attempting to guide you somewhere. It eventually fuses together with Kuribu─one of the guardian statues. After defeating the resulting amalgamation, you glance down to see a blood red gem gleaming upon the ground.
  • Stooping down, you quickly pocket the red gem that fell from the Kuribu-faerie fusion. Turning back, Alka calls out to you, bidding that you hurry to follow him and Landenel back to Camp Tranquil. Everyone is eager to see if Setoto has finally opened her eyes.
  • Upon your arrival to Camp Tranquil, Landenel disappears and returns shortly with Setoto in tow. Alka is relieved to see that she is finally awake. Setoto tells you briefly of a dream she saw of her father and it spurs Alka to once more question the half-manifested Lilac's intentions for entering the lost city and seemingly leading you to Kuribu. He then turns to you and inquires as to what you crouched down to retrieve right before leaving Amdapor. You hold out the gemstone and Alka, recognizing its possible value, requests that you to deliver it to Surito Carito for inspection.
  • According to Surito Carito, the gemstone is the crystal core of the statue you defeated and contains potent white magic. He surmises that Lilac, a part of Setoto's father's consciousness, was driven by a strong desire to see Setoto cured of the Green Death. As such, the phantom faerie led you through the lost city that you might discover this gem, which may contain a remedy to the condition afflicting inhabitants of the Wanderer's Palace.
  • Certain it holds the key to curing the Green Death and reviving the scholarly arts, Surito Carito vows to begin his analysis of the red gemstone straightaway. He thanks you, going on to say he stands by his choice in bequeathing Lily onto you. While Surito Carito seems to have said all he means to say, Alka Zolka is looking at you expectantly. It seems, he too, has a few words for you.
  • Alka Zolka is over the moon to see that Setoto is back to normal, and is incredibly excited about what the future holds in store for the Royal Marines. Telling you he feels blessed to have you as a friend, he then suggests that together you return home and train.
    • ※The next scholar quest will be available from Alka Zolka once you have met the following requirements:
    • ※ FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers must be registered to your service account.
    • ※ You must have completed the main scenario quest “Shadowbringers.”
    • ※ You must have completed the role quest “The Soul of Temperance.”


Alka Zolka: [Forename], you're here! Excellent.
Alka Zolka: Landenel, mere moments ago, received the necessary authorization for us to enter Amdapor.
Alka Zolka: He'll also be accompanying us into the lost city. He claims that in watching over Setoto, he's developed a brotherly affection for her and wants to help. Honestly, I think he's just raring for a fight.
Alka Zolka: Well, whatever his reasons, I am simply glad for his assistance. The more seasoned fighters we take, the faster we'll be able to dispatch the parasite leeching Setoto of her aether. Now, let us head to the gates─where we will be meeting Landenel.
Landenel: It shouldn't be much longer until we receive an answer from the Order of the Twin Adder.
Alka Zolka: Are you ready, [Forename]?
Alka Zolka: Good. The moment Landenel joins us, we'll enter the lost city.
Landenel: I presume Alka Zolka has apprised you of all that you need to know, including the fact that I'll be delving into the depths of the lost city with you. Please begin making your way there. I'll meet you at the gates.
Is it... Is it gone? Haha! It is! We did it! It's another victory for the Royal Marines!
The statue's stopped moving and the earlier dread I felt has begun to recede. It appears the phantom faerie is no longer...
Yes─which means there's a very good chance Setoto's aether has returned to her! She'll be up soon! Let's hurry back so that she might have a friendly face to wake to.
[Forename], what in the gods' name are you doing!? Come, we must return to Camp Tranquil posthaste!
Alka Zolka: <pant> That fight...<pant>...took a lot more out of me than I thought it did. <pant> Where's Setoto? And Landenel, for that matter...
Alka Zolka: Setoto, you're awake!
Setoto: Alka, what's wrong? Are you all right?
Alka Zolka: ...Do you not remember? You attempted to summon Lilac, and fell unconscious. You've been asleep this entire time─well, at least until we defeated the faerie you had called forth.
Setoto: I...I had no idea... I'm so sorry. It was never my intention to place any of you in harm's way.
Setoto: ...While I was sleeping I had a dream.
Setoto: It was of my father. When the first wave of the sickness hit, person after person began taking ill. I watched as he and the other scholars rushed through the streets, trying to save anyone they could.
Setoto: Then, the sickness struck me. When my skin began to turn green and my limbs began to shrink, he decided to embark upon a mission to obtain the cure─one he knew was destined to end in failure from the very start.
Setoto: He made his way to where all the white mages resided─the enemy nation of Amdapor. In a last-ditch attempt to save me, he infiltrated their borders. I suppose we all know how that story ends...
Setoto: <sigh> Even if he no longer cared for me─loathed me, even─for what I had become, it wouldn't matter. I just wish I could have seen him one last time...
Alka Zolka: What are you talking about, Setoto!? Your father would have been delighted to see the stunning young woman you've grown into.
Setoto: Thank you, Alka. You always know what to say.
Setoto: While I've always known I'd never again feel my father's loving embrace, I had thought that maybe, just maybe, I could have at least seen his faerie.
Setoto: In my selfish desire to do so, however, I put everyone in danger, including Lilac. Words are not enough to express how sorry I am.
Alka Zolka: That reminds me... Setoto, do you have any idea why Lilac was so drawn to the lost city?
Landenel: You need not worry about it, friend. There is likely little rhyme or reason to the actions of a frenzied spirit.
Alka Zolka: Maybe...but the way she was moving seemed deliberate─almost as though she was trying to show us something. Do you have any ideas, [Forename]?
Q1: What will you do?
A1: Hold out the gemstone.
Alka Zolka: That reminds me, after the battle you stooped down as if to retrieve something. Did you find anything interesting?
A1: Shake your head.
Alka Zolka: A gemstone? I think this is what Lilac was trying to lead us to!

Alka Zolka: We should take it to Surito Carito that he might examine it. He, of all people, will be able to comprehend its significance.
Setoto: Oh, I nearly forgot! Landenel, sir─thank you for taking care of me when I was unwell.
Landenel: Think nothing of it. This world may be full of self-serving men and women but don't forget that not all of us are like that.
Landenel: Should you run into someone or something that threatens to hurt you, be sure to come and find me. Once I run them through with my lance, they should bother you no longer.
Setoto: Thank you, sir. I'll be sure to do that.
Landenel: Go to Alka Zolka. I'll bring out the tonberry girl shortly.
Alka Zolka: Surito Carito, there is something we would like for you to examine.
Alka Zolka: [Forename] discovered this gemstone in the Lost City of Amdapor. It seemed as if to be of great import to the faerie Setoto summoned.
Surito Carito: Indeed?
Surito Carito: Dear gods... It couldn't possibly be...
Surito Carito: Th-This gemstone─it appears to contain concentrated white magicks. How did you find this!?
Surito Carito: Ah... From what you described, I can only surmise that this is the guardian statue's crystal core and the source of its power.
Alka Zolka: Is it possible, then, that this is what Setoto's father sought to acquire by infiltrating Amdapor?
Surito Carito: It is very likely. Had the Nymians managed to attain and analyze one of these gemstones, we could have found the remedies to any number of diseases─possibly even that of the sickness which destroyed our lands.
Alka Zolka: It is just as I thought. Lilac was acting with deliberate intent. She had guided us to the lost city that we might uncover this...
Surito Carito: Normally, a faerie which has failed to fully manifest is nothing more than a sphere of turbulent aetheric energy, incapable of being manipulated by its summoner.
Surito Carito: Lilac, however, is in part, a remnant of her father's aether. Perhaps she retained his strong will to see that Setoto was saved.
Setoto: Lilac... Father... Thank you. Thank you for everything.
Landenel: You were right, Commander. Truly, the duty of the strong is to protect the weak.
Surito Carito: The two of you have gone to great lengths to bring Setoto safely back to us. For that I cannot thank you enough.
Surito Carito: This gemstone that you brought back from Amdapor at Lilac's behest will no doubt pave the way for a new generation of scholars.
Surito Carito: I shall begin analyzing this gemstone straightaway. I will do whatever it takes to discover the cure, and thus carry on Setoto's father's legacy.
Surito Carito: And speaking of legacies, you have shaped up to be a mighty fine scholar, [Forename]. I cannot help but feel proud whenever I look upon you.
Setoto: In my selfish desire to reconnect with my father, I caused the two of you a great deal of distress. For that, I am terribly sorry.
Alka Zolka: Setoto, there is no need to apologize. Your undying gratitude is more than enough.
Setoto: Hehehe! Thank you, Alka─for everything. That you should, even now, treat me like the young girl I once is perhaps what I've come to like about you most.
Alka Zolka: My apologies, Setoto. I didn't quite catch that. Do you think you could─ Setoto! Are you all right? You're going red! Mayhap you need to lay down and rest?
Setoto: I-I'm perfectly fine! Although... Alka, the next time the Royal Marines are out training, would it be all right if I joined you?
Alka Zolka: Of course! You'd be a fine addition to our ranks, my lady. You are the daughter of one of Nym's very own Royal Marines, after all!
Setoto: For now this is enough. When the day comes that I regain my original body, however, I pray that you will give me strength─Father, Lilac─that I might one day convey my feeling to him.
Alka Zolka: To think that Lilac would retain a fragment of her father's consciousness and guide us to the stone... Setoto must have meant the world to him.
Alka Zolka: What a relief it is that Setoto is back to normal.
Alka Zolka: While incredibly trying, I cannot help but be glad for our little misadventure. Not only will it aid Surito Carito's efforts to discover a cure, but the Royal Marines have become all the stronger for it! We have even earned ourselves a new member!
Alka Zolka: I know I don't say it enough, but thank you, [Forename], for always being there. You are an excellent scholar and an even better friend!
Alka Zolka: Now, let us leave this place. It is past time we returned home to continue our training!
System: This concludes the scholar quests for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood. In order to undertake the next series of quests, you must first meet the following requirements:
System: ※ FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers must be registered to your service account.
System: ※ You must have completed the main scenario quest “Shadowbringers.”
System: ※ You must have completed the role quest “The Soul of Temperance.”
System: Once you have done so, the next scholar quest will be available from Alka Zolka.