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Better Axe Around

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Better Axe Around

Quest giver
Curious Gorge
Eastern La Noscea (X:3, Y:2)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestBefore the Dawn
Experience 46,800
Gil 1,479
Previous quest
Feature QuestHow to Quit You
Next quest
Feature QuestDuty and the Beast

Curious Gorge looks eager to expand his combat repertoire.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Broken Mountain at Camp Bronze Lake.
  • Question the scholars of Saint Coinach's Find.
  • Search for proof along the shores of Silvertear Falls.
  • Present the axe to Broken Mountain.


  • Curious Gorge tells you of his brother, Broken Mountain, who is still recovering from his wounds at Camp Bronze Lake. The siblings remain steadfast in their resolve to spread the teachings of their people across Eorzea, although Broken Mountain seems reluctant to take up the axe once more. Instead, he now pursues more scholarly studies─during which he has stumbled upon information regarding ancient martial techniques. If you would know more of such things, make your way to Camp Bronze Lake and speak with Broken Mountain.
  • Broken Mountain tells you of a legendary hero named Mythril Heart whose combat prowess is detailed at length in accounts he has discovered. Skeptical of their veracity, he sees no point in studying them further. However, Curious Gorge strongly believes otherwise, and even his old comrade-in-arms Wheiskaet seems to think there may be truth in them as well. Yielding to pressure, Broken Mountain states that he will reconsider his stance if you uncover proof that Mythril Heart was real. Recalling that the hero's final journey took him to Silvertear Falls, Curious Gorge suggests that you speak with the Sons of Saint Coinach, who conduct their research in Mor Dhona.
  • Though none of the researchers know of Mythril Heart, it becomes clear that artifacts not of Allagan origin are often left untouched. Scour the shores of Silvertear Falls and see if you can find proof that the Hellsguard hero once walked these lands.
  • As if by fate, you come upon an axe that is quite unremarkable outside of the crudely engraved letters “MH” on its haft. Could it be the weapon once wielded by the legendary Mythril Heart? Present it to Broken Mountain and see if it serves as proof that the stories were not mere faerie tales.
  • Broken Mountain declares the weapon to be that of the legendary Mythril Heart, proving that the stories he discovered were true. Convinced of the hero's existence, he agrees to resume his studies of the ancient tomes in order to unlock the secrets of Mythril Heart's techniques─though he also acknowledges that the techniques are like to rouse the inner beast like none before.

※The next warrior quest will be available from Broken Mountain upon reaching level 52.


Curious Gorge

Forename, I scarce recognized you! The flames of battle have tempered you like fine steel.

Since last we spoke, I've resolved to start upon the path of the warrior anew. I swore that I would not succumb to the beast within again, as I did when I faced my brother in Wineport.

Speaking of which, Broken Mountain has regained much of his strength...though when I speak to him of taking up the axe once more, he changes the subject and returns to his studies of arcanima and other scholarly pursuits.

Nevertheless, his desire to spread the teachings of our ancestors to every corner of Eorzea remains unchanged.

And you couldn't have come at a better time! I've just received a letter from Broken Mountain stating that he's uncovered information regarding ancient martial techniques!

If you're interested─and I'm sure you are─why not accompany me to Camp Bronze Lake so that we might hear what he has to say together?

I knew my brother would uncover something of value before long. He awaits at Camp Bronze Lake. Let us not keep him idle for long.

Ah, I knew a true warrior like you would never pass up an opportunity like this.

Broken Mountain

Well do I remember you, Forename─the sole warrior to tame herhis inner beast. I shudder to think what might have happened had you not been there to save us from ourselves.

You know the precipitous nature of the forces we wield─as well as the consequences of losing control for even a moment. The beast does not scruple to discriminate between friend or foe, and if given free rein, will lash out at both.

I have pored over countless tomes in search of knowledge of how to tame the beast within, as you did, but my efforts have thus far proven fruitless. All I have found are ridiculous tales of techniques that─if the author could be believed─would make Rhalgr Himself cower in fear.

Curious Gorge

The elders often told tales of legendary warriors to inspire the youths. Are you sure there is no truth in yours?

Broken Mountain

Quite. There are descriptions of the techniques used by the hero Mythril Heart, but the details are difficult to swallow. No warrior─alive or dead─can rip off a behemoth's arm with his bare hands.

The tales are filled with similar outrageous accounts, Brother. It would be a waste of time to investigate their veracity when we know so little of how to tame the inner beast. Besides, you know as well as I that Mythril Heart is naught more than a faerie-tale hero.

Curious Gorge

What if I could prove that Mythril Heart was flesh and blood!? Would you be willing to continue your studies, then?

...Never did he stray from the path of the warrior, even as the years took their toll. Axe in hand, to Silvertear Falls he would go, never to return...which means that if he truly lived, then there may be something there which proves it!


Keep your axe sheathed, Gorge. You'd be better served by time spent swinging your axe at a practice dummy than searching for ghosts!

Well met, Forename. My thanks for ensuring that my old friend here lived to learn from his mistakes, although it seems the lesson didn't stick for long.

Broken Mountain

Wheiskaet here has been kind enough to keep my brother busy with work and assist me during my recovery.


Anything to keep a former comrade out of trouble. As for these stories─far-fetched as they may seem, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss them. Lest we forget, Forename has more than a few legendary accomplishments to herhis name.

Broken Mountain

Well...if by chance shehe found proof of Mythril Heart's existence, I would reconsider. But leave my brother out of it.

Curious Gorge

I may not be ready to accompany you, but I can give you advice on where to start. Seek out the Sons of Saint Coinach. I'm certain they know something of Mythril Heart's final journey.

I know he was real, Forename, and I'm counting on you to prove it!

Broken Mountain

Bring me evidence of Mythril Heart's existence and I will reconsider my stance on the stories' veracity.


If there is truth to the tales, then I pray you find proof. Nothing would please me more than to see techniques once lost rediscovered.


Relics belonging to an ancient Hellsguard warrior? While we are up to our necks in Allagan artifacts, I cannot say that I have come across any that could be what you seek.

The other researchers may have information that could be of use to you. Artifacts spanning all eras come up in our digs from time to time.


Hmm... Well, when the waters of Silvertear Falls receded fifteen years ago, they revealed a treasure trove of artifacts spanning eras, many of which have yet to be recovered.

I do not know if any of those artifacts have any relation to this Mythril Heart, but it might serve you well to begin your search in those previously submerged areas.

We have been meaning to examine the artifacts in that area for some time, but our present work keeps us busy.

Added to the fact that most of the uncovered artifacts don't seem to be of Allagan origin, it may be some time before that area is given a more thorough excavation.


We focus our research on artifacts from the Allagan Empire. As such, there may be more recent discoveries which were ignored by a single-minded researcher.

As interesting as artifacts from other eras might be, distractions would only impede the progress of our research into the Allagan Empire.


After a cursory search, you find nothing of interest.

Curious Gorge

Is that the axe of Mythril Heart!? By the Twelve, the tales were true! Quickly now, you must show it to my brother!


If anyone can prove the existence of Mythril Heart, you can.

Broken Mountain

Well? Have you uncovered any proof of Mythril Heart's existence?

This axe... The engraving and the curvature of the blade are exactly as described. To think of the beasts who tasted this steel...

Curious Gorge

Surely this proves that Mythril Heart is more than a mere campfire story! With a steel heart and his legendary techniques, we'll have the strength to slay even the strongest of beasts by the dozen!

Broken Mountain

If Mythril Heart's feats are indeed possible, then the knowledge of how he performed them would prove invaluable in restoring the warriors' reputation...


You could show the people of Eorzea the true potential of the warrior. Surely, no small number of them would feel compelled to take up the axe.

Broken Mountain

Indeed, it could prove a great boon for our cause. Very well. I will return to my tomes and scour them for any passages relating to Mythril Heart.

Curious Gorge

Mind you, ancient techniques may rouse the inner beast like none before...

Broken Mountain

Of that I have no doubt, which is why you must not take your training lightly. When I uncover more information, you must needs be ready.


The next warrior quest will be available from Broken Mountain upon reaching level 52.

The requirements for undertaking subsequent quests can be reviewed in your journal.