In the Wake of Death

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In the Wake of Death

White Mage Job Image 2.JPG
Quest giver
The Dravanian Forelands (X:32, Y:23)

White Mage
Experience 40,800
Gil 634
Previous quest
The Dark Blight Writhes
Next quest
Trials of the Padjals

Eschiva is eager to share new information on Alaqa.

— In-game description






  • Find the taint and purify it.
  • Purify the taint.


  • Eschiva is eager to share new information on Alaqa.
  • Eschiva informs you that Alaqa was recently seen heading west into dragon territory, most likely to continue her experiment. Make your own way west and join Eschiva at Avalonia Fallen, where you will attempt to pick up Alaqa's trail.
  • In the interests of expedience, Eschiva suggests that the two of you split up and look for Alaqa. Focus your search in the area north of Avalonia Fallen, and purify any manifestations of the taint you come upon.
  • You come upon a manifestation of the taint and purify it, but Alaqa does not appear to be in the area. Make your way to the west of Avalonia Fallen and rejoin Eschiva.
  • You arrive to find Eschiva on her knees, Alaqa standing before her. A heated exchange ensues between the two women, during which Alaqa admits to creating the taint for her experiment. Eschiva bids you stop her, but you are interrupted by fiends drawn to befouled aether. Defeat them, and purify the taint that has manifested.
  • You have defeated the fiends and purified the taint. Turn your attention to Eschiva and offer her your assistance.
  • You show Eschiva the peculiar hunk of flesh you found in the aftermath of battle─in all likelihood something from Alaqa's twisted experiment. At your urging, Eschiva agrees to take this discovery to the Seedseers and petition their aid.

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