Proof Is the Pudding

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Proof Is the Pudding

Warrior quest image.png
Quest giver
Curious Gorge
Eastern La Noscea (X:30, Y:23)
Experience 11,880
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestLooking the Part
Next quest
Feature QuestHow to Quit You

Curious Gorge would share with you the location of the final piece of relic armor.

— In-game description





  • Despite his misgivings about your ability to fully control its power, Curious Gorge shares with you the location of the final piece of his ancestors' lost armor. Seek it out in the waters of the Weeping Saint in the central highlands of Coerthas. Curious Gorge, recent experiences still weighing heavily on his heart, will stay behind.
  • No sooner had you taken the armor into hand than did Curious Gorge appear to claim it from you with nary a word of explanation. What has brought about this change of heart from your mentor? Return to Hidden Falls to seek an explanation.
  • Curious Gorge offers his apology for his actions, explaining that he cannot trust you, himself, or anyone to wear the armor until the would-be wearer's strength is demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt. He bids you to return to your training while he studies the texts to see how such strength might be proven.
  • The next warrior quest will be available from Curious Gorge upon reaching level 50.


Curious Gorge

You would truly seek the ultimate relic of my people? The armor that could consume the very soul of the most puissant warrior? Very well, if you are truly convinced of your readiness, I will not be the one to stand in your way.

But I beg of you, Forename─the moment you feel yourself losing control, and your inner beast overcoming you, cast the armor aside. Cast it from the highest mountain or into the depths of the ocean, I care not.

For once the beast consumes your soul, there is no going back. You will rage on, a monster, leaving naught but carnage in your wake. The realm will bleed, and history will repeat itself. I cannot allow this to happen.

No, my people have been shunned long enough. I would see the coming of a new age, in which warriors protect the weak and are loved and admired by the people of the realm. My years of battle and sleepless nights spent poring over the ancient texts─all has been for this day!

Brother... I know not where fate has led you. And yet I feel certain that, in spirit, you stand with me today. Together, we will restore the honor of our people.

...You must forgive my sentiment, Forename. As I said, this has been a long time coming. The breastplate you seek is in the highlands of Coerthas, at the spring they call the Weeping Saint. I...will stay behind. The events at Wineport still weigh heavy on my heart.

Hand over the breastplate, Forename. After much wrestling with the thought, I simply cannot entrust such a relic to an outsider who may be overwhelmed by its power.

I return now to Hidden Falls. If you would have words with me, then come. I will not run away.

Forename, I am sorry. I did not mean for things to happen like this, but I had no choice.

I have wrestled long and hard with the matter, but this is my decision. I cannot trust you with this power when I do not even trust myself.

Aye, that's right: I won't attempt to don the plate again, either─nor will anyone. Not until I have proof that there is one with a will strong enough to withstand the beast's siren call.

Peer deep within your soul, Forename. Peer into the eyes of the beast that stares back at you. Can you truly say that you can engage the monster in battle and emerge victorious?

I shall return to the tome. If there are any answers to be found, they lie within those pages. In the meantime, continue your training, that you might find an answer of your own.