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Forward, the Royal Marines

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Forward, Royal Marines

Forward the Royal Marines.JPG
Quest giver
Surito Carito
Upper La Noscea (X:25.6, Y:22.3)

Experience 167,400
Gil 1,149
Previous quest
Next quest
The Vanishing Act

Surito Carito appears resolute.

— In-game description




During Duty, Aetherial traces - There are 3 colours: Red, Brown and Green - Green counts towards the objective, the other 2 spawns enemies.


  • Find the voidsent!
  • Aetherial traces detected:
  • Prevent the Nymian Plague and slay the voidsent!
  • Speak with your fellow Royal Marines.


  • Surito Carito appears resolute.
  • Surito Carito informs you he has learned how to track the invisible voidsent. His research has revealed that your faerie can perceive where the fiend has feasted, and that you can track it via these aetherial traces. With Alka Zolka and the new Royal Marines at your back, make your way to the Floating City of Nym, and begin the hunt for the fiend.
  • Your faerie detects the voidsent's aetherial traces─the remains of its prey. She directs you next towards Zelma's Run in upper La Noscea.
  • Your faerie once again senses the aetherial traces of the voidsent, this time moving towards Camp Bronze Lake. Hurry there and consult with Alka Zolka.
  • With a burst of blinding light, your faerie dispels the spell concealing the voidsent. The foe now visible, the Royal Marines charge. Alka Zolka and his soldiers deliver punishing blows, whilst your spells defend them. The battle is fierce, but soon the fiend lies dying. With its last breaths, it makes ready to release the sickness─yet before it can, the tonberries come to your aid. The killing blow is theirs. Now, as you stand victorious, congratulate your fellow combatants for putting an end to this specter of Mhach.
  • You have spoken with your comrades-in-arms. Before you head off into the sunset, it would be best to see what comments Surito Carito has.
  • Though the cure to the tonberries' plight is still not quite within your grasp, Surito Carito remains gratified by the outcome of the day's events. Seeing both your people and his able to work together toward a common cause is victory enough, at least for now.

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