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Forward, the Royal Marines

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Forward, Royal Marines

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Quest giver
Surito Carito
Upper La Noscea (X:25.6, Y:22.3)
Experience 100,000
Gil 1,149
Previous quest
Feature QuestUnseen
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Vanishing Act

Surito Carito appears resolute.

— In-game description




The coffer contents are the Artifact Armor for Heavensward, which is Item Level 210 former Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics gear. The coffer was added to this quest with the launch of Stormblood. The rest of the set is available at Yolaine in Foundation (X:13.1, Y:11.9) for Centurio Seal Centurio Seals.

Solo Duty

During the Solo Duty, there will be Aetherial traces. These have 3 colors: Red, Brown and Green. Green counts towards the objective, the other 2 spawns enemies.

While fighting the final voidsent, ensure you are keeping the 3 marines cleansed with Esuna.png  Esuna, or the Solo Duty will fail. This was less difficult when Summon Selene.png  Selene still existed and had Fey Caress.png  Fey Caress. Watch for the final voidsent to cast Pupate, after which two small Plague Purge will spawn. Kill these immediately and use Esuna on any infected marines.



  • Surito Carito appears resolute.
  • Surito Carito informs you he has learned how to track the invisible voidsent. His research has revealed that your faerie can perceive where the fiend has feasted, and that you can track it via these aetherial traces. With Alka Zolka and the new Royal Marines at your back, make your way to the Floating City of Nym, and begin the hunt for the fiend.
  • Your faerie detects the voidsent's aetherial traces─the remains of its prey. She directs you next towards Zelma's Run in upper La Noscea.
  • Your faerie once again senses the aetherial traces of the voidsent, this time moving towards Camp Bronze Lake. Hurry there and consult with Alka Zolka.
  • With a burst of blinding light, your faerie dispels the spell concealing the voidsent. The foe now visible, the Royal Marines charge. Alka Zolka and his soldiers deliver punishing blows, whilst your spells defend them. The battle is fierce, but soon the fiend lies dying. With its last breaths, it makes ready to release the sickness─yet before it can, the tonberries come to your aid. The killing blow is theirs. Now, as you stand victorious, congratulate your fellow combatants for putting an end to this specter of Mhach.
  • You have spoken with your comrades-in-arms. Before you head off into the sunset, it would be best to see what comments Surito Carito has.
  • Though the cure to the tonberries' plight is still not quite within your grasp, Surito Carito remains gratified by the outcome of the day's events. Seeing both your people and his able to work together toward a common cause is victory enough, at least for now.
    • ※The next scholar quest will be available from Alka Zolka once you have met the following requirement:
    • ※ You must have completed the main scenario quest “The Far Edge of Fate.”


Surito Carito: I have it, [Forename]─the means to track our invisible voidsent! The time is come to discuss our attack.
Alka Zolka: Hah hah! I've been waiting for this day! What's the plan, Surito Carito?
Surito Carito: First, we will need to track our quarry. I believe it has been feeding upon the aether of local creatures to regain its strength.
Surito Carito: The way in which it feeds leaves behind unique aetherial traces. As bread crumbs mark the path of a hungry child, this trail will lead us straight to the voidsent.
Alka Zolka: How are we to detect these traces?
Surito Carito: With Lily's aid. She can sense where the voidsent has left aether undevoured.
Surito Carito: We will begin our search where you unearthed the amphora, and follow where Lily leads.
Surito Carito: Once she senses the voidsent is near, we will force it to show itself. Lily will illuminate the area, and her light will dispel the magicks concealing it. Right, my dear?
Surito Carito: With the voidsent visible, we will attack with all our might. The marines will charge, and kill it before it causes more damage!
Alka Zolka: This is it, [Forename]─our chance to prove the might of our corps!
Alka Zolka: Little one, the fate of the realm is in your hands. Are you ready?
Surito Carito: Then our course is clear. May our plan ensure the sickness never again claims a victim!
Alka Zolka: To victory─come hells or high water!
Surito Carito: Quickly, my friend, to where you found the amphora!
System: Through the aetherial traces remaining from devoured prey, your faerie senses the voidsent is moving towards Zelma's Run!
Surito Carito: Our future rests upon your success. May good fortune attend you today.
Alka Zolka: Where could it have gone...?
System: Through the aetherial traces remaining from devoured prey, your faerie senses the voidsent is moving towards Camp Bronze Lake!
Alka Zolka: What is it, [Forename]?
Alka Zolka: B-But that way lies Camp Bronze Lake!
Alka Zolka: What purpose could it have there? The healing waters? No... I suppose it is home to─
Alka Zolka: Of course! The wounded Maelstrom soldiers! It means to spread the sickness anew through them!
Alka Zolka: We must stop it! Quickly, to the camp!
Hardened Marine: Godsdammit! This place is bloody crowded! If we don't find the voidsent quickly, there's to be a lot more tonberries!
Soft Marine: But how do we draw it out into the open if we can't see it?
Alka Zolka: Get the soldiers to evacuate! [Forename], find the voidsent with Lily's light!
Alka Zolka: Only you can track the voidsent.
Alka Zolka: Wh-What is that queer light!?
Alka Zolka: Is that it!? Quick, after it!
Alka Zolka: It will try to infect us! We must avoid that at all costs!
Alka Zolka: Blech! What is this foul stuff!? Get it off me!
Surito Carito: Your people will not face Nym's tragedy─not while I draw breath!
Alka Zolka: Surito Carito! Sergeant!
Alka Zolka: N-No... Nooooooooo!
Alka Zolka: Gods above, [Forename]! No...
Alka Zolka: Waaah! They're tonberries!
Alka Zolka: V-Victory, [Forename]─come hells o-or...
Alka Zolka: [Forename]!
Alka Zolka: At long last...
Recovering soldier: Waaah! M-M-Monster!
Alka Zolka: For Limsa, for the tonberries, and for glory─attack!
Hardened Marine: Is...is it─
Alka Zolka: Get back! It's trying to infect us!
Surito Carito: No!
Surito Carito: Now, [Forename]!
Alka Zolka: Ahaha! We are victorious!
Surito Carito: Yes... When I think on the horror it visited upon my people, I...
Surito Carito: But now, no one else will share our fate. My thanks to you and Alka Zolka both.
Halga Tolga: Aye, you've got my gratitude as well. Good to see proper Royal Marines at it again.
Surito Carito: Indeed it is. Today, the torch is passed to you─may the Royal Marines evermore defend the people!
Soft Marine: An honor fighting beside you, sir/madam! If you ever have need of us, you need only ask.
Hardened Marine: Ain't common feelin' that safe in a battle. I reckon those Nymians knew what they were doin' with them scholars an' faeries. I'll have yer back, too, if ever ye need it.
Halga Tolga: <sniffle> Bloody tonberry eyes, always running with─ Bah, who am I kidding? You did a fine job, a fine job indeed!
Halga Tolga: ...But don't you dare think of easing up on your training on account of one victory! If you sully the name of my beloved marines, I'll flay the skin off your back!
Alka Zolka: Imagine, [Forename], defeating a voidsent over fifteen hundred years old... When we first met, I didn't dare think we'd achieve such things together.
Alka Zolka: The threat is gone, and the Royal Marines are born anew. Not a bad day's work, I daresay.
Alka Zolka: But we are far from finished. I do not know what threats the future holds, but they will not find us unprepared─not as long as I have aught to say about it. To victory, my friend─come hells or high water!
Surito Carito: You have won a great victory today, my friend. Your allies will appreciate it if you tell them so.
Surito Carito: I have gathered the voidsent's remains. With careful research, they should yield the secrets I need to heal my people.
Surito Carito: I am not so naive as to believe the answers will come quickly. Yet the cure shall be ours one day.
Surito Carito: For now, my people will labor so that we may walk with yours towards a brighter dawn. I would see a future where we are part of the realm, not shunned by it.
Surito Carito: Thank you, my friend. Lily chose most wisely in you.
Surito Carito: Allow me to pass on to you one of Nym's mightiest abilities─Dissipation. It is a secret spell meant for use only by those scholars who have earned the full trust of their faerie companions. Use it with care.
Surito Carito: Now, I must return to my people, and you to yours. Fare you well, and may our efforts make tomorrow a brighter day!
System: This concludes the scholar quests for FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward. In order to undertake the next series of quests, you must first meet the following requirements:
System: ※ You must have completed the main scenario quest “The Far Edge of Fate.”
System: Once you have done so, the next scholar quest will be available from Alka Zolka.