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Quests are missions offered by the citizens of Eorzea. Players can complete quests to earn story progression, experience, gil, items and other unlocks.

  • Aside from daily quests, each quest can only be completed once per character.

mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quests

Main scenario quests consist of quests that form the main storyline of A Realm Reborn. These quests not only have cutscenes and voice acting but also unlock important aspects of the game. Players unlock the airship at level 15, personal Chocobo and Grand Company at level 20, and the Jobs ability at level 30 through the progression of the main quest line.

  • Main scenario quests have flame-shaped symbols that show up on the map, in your journal and above quest NPC's head.
  • The main scenario quests each start off with their own branch for each starting city but eventually converge into one quest line after selecting a Grand Company. The starting quests for each city are Coming to Gridania, Coming to Limsa Lominsa, and Coming to Ul'dah.

Three types of Main Scenario Quests:

7th Umbral Era Quests - Level 1 - 50 story quests released in patch 2.0. These quests end in The Ultimate Weapon.

7th Astral Era Quests - Level 50 quests that continued the story through patch 2.1 - 2.5.

Heavensward Main Scenario Quests - Level 50 - 60 story quests released with the expansion and patch 3.0 Heavensward.

sidequest.pngClass and Job Quests

Class and Job Quests are given by your class guild master and other leaders of your chosen profession. They can be performed to earn new skills and abilities along with gear and other items. These quests are available every 5 levels.

sidequest.pngSide Quests

Side quests are useful ways of obtaining experience, gil, items and other unlocks. These quests are be standalone or belong to a series.

Chronicles of a New Era Quests - Primal Quests, Bahamut Quests, Crystal Tower Quests, Alexander Quests, The Warring Triad Quests, Shadow of Mhach

Side Story Quests - Hildibrand, Further Hildibrand Adventures, Scholasticate, Wandering Minstrel, Zodiac Weapons, Anima Weapons, Delivery Moogle, Allied Beast Tribe, Doman Adventurers' Guild

Quests from various locations - La Noscea Sidequests, Black Shroud Sidequests, Thanalan Sidequests, Coerthas Sidequests, Mor Dhona Sidequests, Ishgard Sidequests, The Sea of Clouds Sidequests, Dravania Sidequests, Azys Lla Sidequests

Grand Company Quests - Maelstrom, Order of the Twin Adder, Immortal Flames

Featurequest.pngFeature Quests

Feature Quests are a special type of side quests, that usually unlocks some sort of feature. It can be Logs such as Challenge Log and Sightseeing Log, new game mechanics such as Dyeing and Materia Melting, as well as unlocking Dungeons and Trials or rewarding items that enables special features such as Chocobo Whistle.

Beast Tribe QuestsDaily Quests

Repeatable Quests can be completed multiple times based on specific time frames or accomplishments, i.e. Daily, Weekly, to achieve a goal such as Beast Tribe Faction, Relic upgrade, obtaining items, etc. Beast Tribe Quests are repeatable quests that players can perform daily to gain experience, gil, ventures, tomestones and reputation with the beast factions. Higher reputation ranks unlock unique items with that faction.