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Blue Leading the Blue

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Blue Leading the Blue

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Quest giver
Lower La Noscea (X:19.3, Y:36.4)
Blue Mage
Experience 100
Gil 459
Previous quest
Feature QuestOut of the Blue
Next quest
Feature QuestBlue Collar Work

Martyn's freedom hangs in the balance and only you can prove his innocence.

— In-game description



  • Martyn's freedom hangs in the balance and only you can prove his innocence.
  • In order to clear his name of charges of fraud, Martyn has persuaded you to learn the blue magic spell Water Cannon in order to demonstrate to the doubtful Yellowjacket that the soul crystals he has been peddling are indeed genuine. Rather than using a training dummy or similarly inanimate object, Martyn suggests testing your newly acquired ability on his assistant, Latool Ja, in order to prove the efficacy of the spell.
  • After drenching Latool Ja with a painful-looking Water Cannon, he returns the favor by showering you with heartfelt praise. The methods for acquiring blue magic worked exactly as Martyn had described, and the Yellowjacket has no choice but to accept the veracity of his claims. However, she says that selling the soul crystals without explaining the risks is highly irresponsible, and that if Martyn persists in his money-making scheme, he will find himself occupying a Lominsan gaol cell. She then departs, leaving him behind to rue the loss of his only source of income. Yet the surprise arrival of a woman named Royse gives him little time to wallow in self-pity, as she reveals a plan that might ease his financial woes. As the owner of the Celestium arena in Ul'dah, she is hoping to add his unique brand of spellcasting to the entertainment she has on offer, and she promises ample payment for his services. She makes you a similar offer, but Martyn points out that you are still much too green to be considered a blue mage and that attempting to face the pit's beasts now would lead you to a sticky end. Taking umbrage at his remarks, you accept Royse's proposal, although she encourages you to undergo training with Martyn's supervision before performing. Satisfied that an agreement has been reached, Royse arranges to meet you both in Ul'dah to discuss the particulars of your employment.
  • Shortly after arriving, you are greeted by the sight of Martyn dressed as his new stage persona, the Great Azuro. In addition to his role as performer in the Masked Carnivale, he is also charged with instructing you in the ways of blue magic, so that you may one day grace the arena. While the majority of its spells are learned through combating various creatures, he explains that his Mamool Ja assistant, Gaheel Ja, possesses a range of totems containing the aether of beasts only found in the New World. Should you prove yourself adept in wielding the Whalaqee's mystic arts, you will be allowed to absorb the aether within them and further expand your repertoire of blue magic. However, Martyn wishes for you to begin with a more specific goal─to learn the spell known as “Blood Drain.”
    • ※The next blue mage quest will be available from Martyn upon reaching level 10 and learning Blood Drain