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Tears in the Snow

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Tears in the Snow

Quest giver
Foundation (X:13.4, Y:12.4)

Experience 81,600
Gil 919
Previous quest
A Fraudster in the Forest
Next quest
The Face of True Evil

A heart-rending rumor has blown Momozigo's way, and Musosai has a mind to delve into it.

— In-game description


  • Gather information in the Brume.
  • Report to Musosai.
  • Follow Musosai.
  • Speak with Honfraint.
  • Search for Momozigo at the Black Iron Bridge.
  • Rescue Momozigo.
  • Speak with Momozigo in Ishgard.


  • A heart-rending rumor has blown Momozigo's way, and Musosai has a mind to delve into it.
  • Momozigo has caught wind of a heart-rending rumor: a young lowborn couple threw themselves off a cliff after being hounded by a lordling who fancied the girl. Though Momozigo is incensed at the self-serving highborn, Musosai states that rumors are no basis for punishment, and proposes ascertaining the truth by speaking with denizens of the Brume.
  • Your inquiries in the Brume have exposed a number of holes in the suicide story, the locals finding both the choice of location and the motive implausible. You hurry to report your findings to Musosai.
  • As Musosai mulls over your report, Momozigo's distressed cry pierces the chill air. The old samurai dashes off to investigate, and you follow on close behind.
  • Musosai finds a button from Momozigo's garment, but its owner is nowhere to be seen. A fearful local informs you that your friend was asking him about the suicide when unknown men came and abducted him. It seems plain that there are those who take ill to your prying. With Momozigo's life potentially in peril, Musosai decides to confront Honfraint, who was recently seen in the vicinity of the Last Vigil.
  • You find Honfraint standing by a ledge, on the verge of ending his life. Racked by grief and guilt both, he confesses that his father, Lord Ydrancheux, had the young couple silenced when the girl inadvertently learned of his illicit dealings. And now Momozigo is about to be silenced in the same fashion. You must get to the Black Iron Bridge before your friend ends up at the bottom of the chasm.
  • ※In order to travel to the Coerthas western highlands, you must first complete the main scenario quest “Over the Wall.”
  • You arrive just in time to stop Ydrancheux's mercenaries from bundling Momozigo off the bridge. With the immediate danger passed, you may look to your friend.
  • After you assist Momozigo, Musosai arrives and demands that Ydrancheux surrenders. The proud lord, however, refuses to give himself up, and Musosai does not require further urging to deal the remorseless wretch his due punishment. Though your work is done, the exertion has again taken its toll on Musosai, who again falls to his knees. He somehow manages to rally to his feet, and marches off back to Ishgard while you and Momozigo watch on in worry.
  • Arriving in Ishgard, you are received by a distraught Momozigo, who informs you that Musosai has collapsed yet again. The old man is now resting at the inn, but the chirurgeon has given a damning diagnosis: he is gravely ill and hasn't long to live. Momozigo cannot help but wonder what it is that drives Musosai on, and suggests that perhaps the two of you might finish his duty for him. For now, however, there is little to do but wait and pray.
  • ※The next samurai quest will be available from Momozigo upon reaching level 60.



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