Rage against the Machinists

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Rage against the Machinists

Quest giver
Foundation (X:8.1, Y:10.1)

Previous quest
Blood on the Sands
Next quest
The Power of a Tourney

Stephanivien Would ask you to gather your colleagues for the tourney.

— In-game description




  • Speak with Joye.
  • Speak with Rostnthal.
  • Use Hot Shot to scare off troublemakers.
  • Report to Stephanivien.
  • Speak with Joye
  • Speak with Stephanivien.


  • Stephanivien Would ask you to gather your colleagues for the tourney.
  • Stephanivien, exultant that the day of the tourney is at hand, would have you call your colleagues back to the manufactory. Head outside the workshop, and speak with Joye.
  • You approach Joye, only to find her frantic at the discovery of a crate full of broken firearms. After you soothe her panic somewhat, she is able to tell you where Rostnsthal is to be found. Head towards the other side of the workshop, and seek out the master of marksmanship.
  • Rostnsthal is furious to hear of the smashed weapons, and bids you scour the area around the manufactory for the culprit's accomplices. Search Foundation for lingering miscreants, and scare them away using Hot Shot.
  • You encounter three potential troublemakers, and warn them off with your frighteningly accurate marksmanship. Return to the manufactory and report to Stephanivien.
  • No sooner have you described your encounters to Stephanivien when a nearby explosion rocks the workshop. Head outside and speak with Joye.
  • Joye mournfully shares her discovery of the destroyed turrets, but it seems that Stephanivien is not yet ready to surrender House Haillenarte's place in the tourney. The chief machinist vows to replace the damaged weaponry, and sends your colleagues ahead to put on a show of confidence. Join Stephanivien in the manufactory, and once more yield your aetherotransformer to his inventive genius.
  • In response to the attacks against the workshop and your dwindling chances of success, Stephanivien has passed on to you another technique with which you can hamper your foes. But will this new ability in your arsenal be enough to balance the loss of so much machinist weaponry...?

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