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Traced in Blood

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Traced in Blood

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Quest giver
X'rhun Tia
Idyllshire (X:6.0, Y:5.3)
Red Mage
Experience 103,000
Gil 2,903
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Color of Her Hair
Next quest
Feature QuestNightkin

X'rhun proposes a journey to the cradle of red magery.

— In-game description



  • X'rhun proposes a journey to the cradle of red magery.
  • X'rhun proposes a journey to the mountains of Gyr Abania, where you will visit the Ziggurat built by the red mages of eld. Within that ancient edifice, your mentor hopes to uncover clues to treating Ayra's condition─just as he once unearthed the secrets of red magic alongside Lambard long ago. Travel to the region of Gyr Abania, and join X'rhun near the centuries-old monument.
  • You meet X'rhun near the Ziggurat, and after a brief history lesson he sets you to work searching for records of Lambard's transformation ritual. Head into the ruins, and seek out any remaining stone tablets.
  • You have obtained three stone tablets in varying degrees of degradation. Deliver them to X'rhun Tia.
  • X'rhun glances over the tablets you have brought, and finds one that details a rite by which a mage would ingest the blood of a voidsent in exchange for supernatural power. The description of the hunger which befell such mages is uncannily similar to Arya's condition. Believing that the tonic explained on the same tablet should be effective in relieving your companion's suffering, X'rhun bids you procure the concoction's main ingredient: a massive urolith's core. Make your way to the Sleeping Stones, and engage the largest specimen you can find.
  • You have defeated an unbreakable urolith, and liberated its pulsating core. Seek out X'rhun Tia in the Gyr Abanian hamlet of Ala Gannha, and hand over the ingredient.
  • With the materials for the tonic in hand, X'rhun appears eager to call upon the expertise of the alchemists of Ul'dah. Whilst your mentor is busy having the concoction prepared, return to Idyllshire and apprise Arya of your progress.
  • Upon imbibing the alchemical mixture, Arya seems to recover almost immediately from her weakened state. X'rhun is quick to remind her, however, that any arcane exertion could soon send her back into a state of mindless hunger. Continue to hone your own skills that you might better aid Arya in returning to her beloved journey along the path of the red mage.
    • ※The next red mage quest will be available from X'rhun upon reaching level 65.