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AST HW quest image2.png
Quest giver
The Pillars (X:15.2, Y:10.0)
Experience 53,040
Gil 1,213
Previous quest
Feather in the Cap
Next quest
The Hands of Fate

Jannequinard has some exciting news.

— In-game description





  • Jannequinard has some exciting news.
  • An official request for assistance has come from a company of knights sent to Hemlock to reclaim the abandoned village. Journey to the Coerthas western highlands and find the knight commanding the operation.
  • The knights in Hemlock find themselves locked in a heated battle with a pack of terrible winged creatures. Without aid for their injured companions, that battle will surely be lost.
  • It appears more knights require Aspected Benefic.
  • It appears still more knights require Aspected Benefic.
  • A knight you heal claims he heard a woman scream nearby. Hurry to see if Leveva is unhurt.
  • You rescue Leveva and Jannequinard from several hungry creatures, only to have your warm reunion cut short by the arrival of Sevestre─the high-ranking Sharlayan official who hired Celie to capture Leveva. Sevestre has detained Leveva's ailing grandfather and tells her that if she wishes him released, she must return with him to the Old World.
  • Leveva has gleaned from her father's journal that Sevestre was the mastermind behind Rufin's murder. Apparently, the Bibliothecs' leader sought to make the assassination look like an Ishgardian attack in order to strengthen his argument for abandoning Eorzea. Unfortunately, the journal─and the evidence it contains─now lies in the hands of he whom it would condemn. Jannequinard wishes to return to Ishgard so that you may discuss your options, but you should first report to the House Durendaire knight captain and see if he has further need of your services.
  • The knight thanks you for your assistance and has nothing but praise for your efforts. You may now return to Ishgard with Jannequinard, Quimperain, and Leveva.
  • Leveva has decided to surrender herself to Sevestre and quietly return with the man to Sharlayan so that no harm may come to her grandfather and mother. Jannequinard has agreed to escort her to the abandoned Sharlayan city-state in the Dravanian hinterlands, despite the fact his life may also be in danger.