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The Ballad of Oblivion

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The Ballad of Oblivion

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Quest giver
The Churning Mists (X:30.1, Y:36.4)
Required items
1 Sanson's Journal Icon.png  Sanson's Journal
Experience 100,000
Gil 908
Previous quest
Feature QuestA Saint of Song
Next quest
Feature QuestThree's a Company

Sanson has given up hope of Guydelot returning.

— In-game description




The coffer contents are the Artifact Armor for Heavensward, which is Item Level 210 former Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics gear. The coffer was added to this quest with the launch of Stormblood. The rest of the set is available at Yolaine in Foundation (X:13.1, Y:11.9) for Centurio Seal Centurio Seals.



  • Sanson has given up hope of Guydelot returning.
  • Together with Mogta, Sanson has searched high and low for Guydelot, but the bard is nowhere to be found; it would seem you must continue the mission without him. Mogta informs you that the Ballad of Oblivion is said to originate from the skies to the east, and you take this to mean the Sea of Clouds. Sanson declares that he will secure an airship to carry you there, and bids you meet him at the airship landing in Gridania. After the serpent captain takes his leave, Mogta reveals to you a secret: he has met with Guydelot, but could not convince the bard to return with him. The moogle believes that you may fare better than he did, and entrusts you with Sanson's journal in case it may be of use. Make your way to the peak of Sohm Al, where Guydelot is lingering, and show the journal to the bard.
  • In spite of the journal and your earnest pleading, Guydelot refuses to rejoin the fellowship, so ashamed is he of having accused Sanson of using song as a tool. You can only stand and watch as Guydelot leaves to do his soul-searching. Follow your two other companions back to Gridania, and join them at the airship landing.
  • Sanson has secured the use of an airship, and together you fly to the island of Mok Oogl, at the fringe of the Sea of Clouds. Speak with Sanson for further instructions.
  • Something upon the island has Mogta deeply unsettled, and Sanson believes it to be the Ballad of Oblivion. Do your part to scour the island, and report to Sanson.
  • You find Sanson staring longingly at a stone bearing strange markings. Mogta remembers that it is a stone of sealing, used to imprison baleful beings, but his warning comes a breath too late, and Sanson unleashes the siren that had been held within. The Ballad of Oblivion is revealed to be the fiend's soul-rending voice, which it used to annihilate the tribe of moogles that once dwelled upon Mok Oogl. Sanson is resolved to face the siren alone, and bids you and Mogta flee. At that moment, Guydelot makes his return, his words instilling Sanson with newfound courage. Together with your companions, you succeed in returning the siren to its stony prison. Though the Ballad of Oblivion never truly existed, Sanson believes that such abilities as you have mastered in the course of the mission will suffice to satisfy his superiors. Follow your friends back to the airship and let Sanson know when you are ready to return to Gridania.
  • Sanson expresses his heartfelt thanks for your invaluable contributions to the mission. While he makes his report to the Order of the Twin Adder and the Gods' Quiver, he bids you pay a visit to Jehantel west of Quarrymill, that you might regale the old bard with an account of your journey.
  • Jehantel thanks you for having watched over Sanson and Guydelot, and observes that your experiences have raised you higher as a bard. He bids you continue being a paragon of your art, enriching the hearts of men with song.