For Your Fellow Man

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For Your Fellow Man

Scholar Job Quest Image.JPG
Quest giver
Alka Zolka
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11, Y:6)

Experience 12,420
Gil 0
Previous quest
In the Image of the Ancients
Next quest
The Beast Within

Alka Zolka wishes to propose another way you might rekindle your faerie's memories.

— In-game description






  • Speak with Rukusa Farusa in upper La Noscea.
  • Cast Leeches on the invalids.
  • Speak with Rukusa Farusa.
  • Speak with Alka Zolka at the Marauders' Guild.


  • Alka Zolka wishes to propose another way you might rekindle your faerie's memories.
  • Much of what Alka Zolka has learned of scholars pertains to their roles in the Nymian military. However, his most recent translations offer insight into their activities during times of peace. Apparently, scholars would use their talents to help the sick and infirm, and they were even instrumental in combating a virulent plague which once threatened to engulf all of Nym. For these reasons, Alka Zolka believes that tending to the patients recuperating at Camp Bronze Lake might rekindle the memories of your faerie. Journey to the Warmwine Sanitorium in upper La Noscea and offer your services to Rukusa Farusa.
  • Rukusa Farusa is happy to accept your assistance, and tells you of five patients suffering from a variety of lingering conditions. Rather than treat their symptoms with restorative magicks, he implores you to address the underlying cause by leeching the impurities from their bodies.
  • As instructed, you worked your scholarly magicks on each patient to varying degrees of efficacy. Inform Rukusa Farusa that your work is complete.
  • Ruusa Farusa's final words of gratitude elicit a reaction from your tiny companion. Return to the Coral Tower and tell Alka Zolka that his idea seems to have worked.
  • Alka Zolka is pleased to see you and your faerie have made such great strides. Confident that the Nymian tablets contain far more than the secrets of the scholarly arts, he resumes his translations.
  • The next scholar quest will be available from Alka Zolka upon reaching level 50.

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