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Declaration of Blood

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Sidequest.pngDark Knight Job Quest

Feature Quest icon.png

Declaration of Blood

Quest giver
Foundation (X:11, Y:12)

Dark Knight
Experience 24,480
Gil 0
Previous quest
Heroic Reprise
Next quest
Our Answer

Fray has been watching you, and he is not pleased with your progress.

— In-game description




  • Rendezvous with Fray at the Moraby Drydocks.
  • Speak with Fray on the Salt Strand.
  • Slaughter the Qiqirn!
  • Retrieve the stolen goods!
  • Speak with Fray.
  • Return the stolen merchandise.
  • Search for Fray.
  • Commune with Fray.


  • Fray has been watching you, and he is not pleased with your progress.
  • The voice is waiting to be heard, yet you cannot seem to grasp it on your own. Though disappointed, Fray will help you to understand its intent. Only communion will suffice. Moraby Drydocks will be where you conduct the rites next.
  • Where do these people come from!? These helpless, hopeless weaklings who see fit to beg the assistance of every passing adventurer. And now comes another, beseeching the Warrior of Light to recover some stolen chest or crate of only the gods know what! The merchant claims the Qiqirn bandits and their leader will prove worthy prey, but we have been disappointed before...
  • All around you lay the remains of Qiqirn, hacked to pieces, some beyond recognition. Chest heaving with exertion, you gaze at the bloodstained sword in your hands, uncertain how long you have held it. The pounding in your head intensifies, and you blink back the pain. Fray... Where is Fray...?
  • Fray looks how you feel─utterly spent and in need of a rest. “Finish it,” she says. “Finish what we started...”
  • Madness! Utter madness! That spineless sack of shite actually demanded compensation for his property! The nerve of these people, after all we do for them! But Fray was not about to let that pass, oh no! It was a thing of glory, Fray giving voice to our feelings. Our words tumbling from Fray's mouth. But why did she have to leave? Where could have gone?
  • Fray fears for us. She knows we cannot go on like this. The voice...we must hearken to the voice...
  • Fray is right, of course. Fray has always been right. Only when we have renounced everything are we free to do anything. We can leave it behind─all of it. The Scions. The Alliance. Even Hydaelyn. All we have to do is ask, and she shall set us free.

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