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The Crimson Duelist

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The Crimson Duelist

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Quest giver
X'rhun Tia
Central Thanalan (X:19.5, Y:20.5)

Red Mage
Experience 46,800
Gil 1,666
Previous quest
Taking the Red
Next quest
A Rewarding Struggle

X'rhun wishes to teach you the origins of red magic.

— In-game description



  • X'rhun wishes to teach you the origins of red magic.
  • X'rhun gives you a brief lecture on the origins of red magic, describing how the art was founded on the schools of black and white magic as a means to survive the very disaster those ancient disciplines were known to have caused. Realizing that a history lesson is no substitute for practical experience, however, X'rhun suggests that an attempt to uncover the identity of the kidnappers might provide the battle practice you require. Follow the Crimson Duelist to the Church of Saint Adama Landama in eastern Thanalan.
  • You join X'rhun at the church, and speak with Father Iliud regarding the unsettling spellcasters that attacked the young sisters scant yalms from Ul'dah's gates. While unable to identify the cabal, Father Iliud appears to recognize the nature of the kidnappers' tattoos, proclaiming them cursed sigils that erase the will of the bearer. After urging the father to continue his investigation, X'rhun bids you follow him outside. Though playful in tone, his choice of words suggest that you had best prepare for hostilities...
  • You exit the church to discover that the mysterious cabal has been trailing your movements. Following X'rhun's unsuccessful attempt to parley, you are soon drawn into a protracted battle against the cultists and their minions. Your implacable foes show neither fear nor remorse, and their leader freely sacrifices himself to summon a monstrous void hound. Eventually, however, your newly acquired red magic triumphs over the massive beast. Speak with X'rhun and discuss the aftermath of the battle.
  • X'rhun crouches by the corpse of one of your ambushers, and studies the cursed sigil upon her cheek. Vowing to hunt down the vile puppeteer behind this abominable act, he bids you return to the church's lichyard.
  • Back at the church, X'rhun shares with you the tale of the Crimson Duelists' formation and their failed crusade against the tyrannical King Theodoric. Despite the loss of his companions, however, the red mage appears unshaken in his resolve to defend the weak and uphold the common good. If you wish to continue studying red magic at his side, then it seems that you, too, must be willing to walk this uncompromising road.
    • ※The next red mage quest will be available from X'rhun Tia upon reaching level 52.