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A Journey of Purification

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A Journey of Purification

White Mage Job Image 2.JPG
Quest giver
North Shroud (X:20.5, Y:24.9)
White Mage
Experience 48,360
Gil 589
Previous quest
Taint Misbehaving
Next quest
The Girl with the Dragon Tissue

Eschiva has uncovered a clue for your quest to purge the taint.

— In-game description




As Eschiva says, focus on keeping the NPCs alive so they can tank and DPS. However, you should also help DPS the sprite down as well, as adds will keep spawning so long as it is up (and again, you are encouraged by Eschiva to do so). To anyone who's healed and DPSed in a dungeon, this should be a cakewalk. The sprite will target you, so stand away from the NPCs so that they are not caught in the sprite's AoE spells.


  • Speak with Eschiva at Camp Dragonhead (x25.6, y17.3).
  • Speak with Eschiva (x 24.7, y21.7).
  • Purify the taint.
  • Speak with Eschiva.


  • Eschiva has uncovered a clue for your quest to purge the taint.
  • The taint was once borne to the Twelveswood via subterranean water veins, and Eschiva has reason to believe that it comes again in like manner. She bids you meet her at Camp Dragonhead in the central highlands of Coerthas, that you might investigate water veins in the area.
  • Eschiva has learned that a water vein passes beneath an area to the south. The fiends that lurk there have grown unnaturally aggressive of late, and Eschiva attributes this change to the taint's influence. A regiment of knights is currently on a mission to cull the frenzied creatures, and Eschiva suggests that you join them. Meet her at the specified spot south of Camp Dragonhead.
  • With your aid, the knights succeed in eliminating the frenzied creatures. The area thus secured, you may now purify the manifestation of the taint.
  • Immediately after you purify the taint, your soul crystal takes on a new radiance─a bestowal of power from A-Towa-Cant, if Eschiva is to be believed. Your companion goes on to posit that the act of purifying serves to empower the white mage. Return to Camp Dragonhead to discuss the next step of your mission with Eschiva.
  • Eschiva informs you that the headwater of the vein you just visited is situated further west, and through the city of Ishgard. While she conducts research on your next destination, take the time to accustom yourself with your newfound power, that you might be prepared for the challenges ahead.
    • ※The next white mage quest will be available from Eschiva upon reaching level 54.