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Oboro Moonrise


Male ♂
Hyur (Midlander)
Dock Storehouse (21.2,26.6)
Quest NPC

Hailing from the ninja village in the Doman outlands, Oboro was a solemn youth whose natural aptitude and unyielding determination saw him earn the rank of jonin—or "high ninja"—at an unusually early age. But though dexterous and nimble, his quick fingers excelling in the eastern art of paper folding, Oboro's reliance on others in the matters of everyday chores often leaves him appearing awkward and ill-at-ease.When the Garlean Empire fell over Doma, he joined the ultimately futile effort to repel the invaders, inflicting grievous losses before eventually being forced to retreat. Upon learning that the betrayer, Karasu, had left with imperial forces for western shores, Oboro was the first to volunteer for a mission that would take him to the realm of Eorzea in search of the traitorous shinobi.
Ninja Attire: Woven in the clan village of the Doman outlands, this traditional shinobi garb is designed both for battle and infiltration. The cowl of the outfit covers the features of the face, thus protecting the identity of the ninja should circumstances require him to act in full view of the enemy.
Yoshimitsu: These exquisite twin daggers take their name from the legendary Far Eastern bladesmith who forged them. As an artisan of the shortblade, Yoshimitsu was said to be a master without equal, and the works bearing his mark are treasured by the greatest houses and heroes as invaluable heirlooms.

— In-game description

Oboro Moonrise is a Hyur found in Dock Storehouse.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
My First Mudra Class quest 30 Oboro
Once Upon a Time in Doma Job quest 35 Oboro
Pirates versus Ninjas Class quest 40 Oboro
Tough Guys Class quest 45 Oboro
Master and Student Job quest 50 Oboro
Strangers in a Strange Land Job quest 50 Oboro
The Impossible Girl Job quest 52 Oboro
Ninja Assassin Job quest 54 Oboro
Medieval Espionage Job quest 56 Oboro
Staying Alive Class quest 58 Oboro
In Her Defense Class quest 60 Oboro
Search for the Stolen Scroll Job quest 60 Oboro
Oboro's Big Idea Sidequest 80 Oboro

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night Job quest 30 Jacke
Killer Combinations Class quest 35 Tsubame

Additional Information

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