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Once, Twice, Three Times a Warrior

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Once, Twice, Three Times a Warrior

Once Twice Three Times a Warrior.png
Quest giver
Curious Gorge
Eastern La Noscea (X:30.6, Y:22.9)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestShadowbringers
Feature QuestTo Have Loved and Lost
Experience 448,800
Gil 1,641
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Heart of the Problem

Curious Gorge is training here, but his mind is elsewhere.

— In-game description




This is the final job quest. Only Role Quests will be added going forward.



  • Curious Gorge is training here, but his mind is elsewhere.
  • Curious Gorge has been training as hard as ever and has indeed grown stronger for it, yet upon seeing you for the first time in an age, he immediately recognizes that you have grown stronger still. After you regale him with tales of your adventures in the First, particularly those of Granson and Dikaiosyne, he concludes that the reason for his limited growth is love─or rather, that he has been unable to put it out of his mind. Curious Gorge has sent many missives to Dorgono in the Far East, but has yet to receive even a single reply, and so he resolves to go and see her in person...and thus is not present when Dorgono and her father Luvsan arrive moments later, having recently come all the way from the Azim Steppe to thank in person all those who aided the Qerel. Since Curious Gorge is nowhere to be found, you are to proceed to the Moraby Drydocks where Broken Mountain and his warriors can be found.
  • During the course of their conversation, Broken Mountain admits to Luvsan that he does not carry an axe because he can no longer fight. However, the elder Xaela does not believe all hope is lost, and proposes a treatment that may restore him to fighting condition. A certain type of moss will be necessary for this, and Luvsan believes he saw a suitable substitute on the way to the docks.
  • The moss in question can be found growing on boulders strewn throughout the general vicinity, and Luvsan bids you gather it by first shattering them with a Heavy Swing, which should render it easier to collect. If nothing else, it is inarguably a more dramatic way of gathering moss than gently scraping it off.
  • You succeed in gathering the moss in the distinct warrior fashion. Luvsan should be satisfied with the quantity in your possession.
  • Taking advantage of your privacy, Luvsan confesses that he had an ulterior motive for coming to Eorzea: to confirm his suspicions that his daughter had fallen in love with a warrior of the West. After meeting you, he concludes that you are the suitor in question, and offers to bless your union─at which point Dorgono returns and puts an end to the discussion for the time being.
  • With all gathered for the ritual, Luvsan offers an elixir to Broken Mountain, who drinks deep. Finally, he instructs you to strike the injured warrior with all your might, assuring you both that it is the only way. Though Broken Mountain is understandably uncomfortable with this proposal, the die is cast, and only a Heavy Swing will suffice.
  • Broken Mountain weathers your assault, and moments later finds himself filled with newfound strength. He is a warrior reborn, and the beast within is his to command. As all celebrate his successful recovery, Curious Gorge approaches─but observing from afar, mistakes Dorgono's joyful smile as an expression of her love towards you, leading him to succumb to his inner beast and charge. Fortunately, before it turns into a needlessly messy and violent affair, she brings him to his senses with a single blow.
  • Curious Gorge reminds you not to grow complacent in your own efforts to grow stronger still, for with Broken Mountain healed and Dorgono in Eorzea for the time being, your competition for the title of the realm's greatest warrior has grown that much more intense. And indeed, the day may come when one of the three will dethrone you...but not yet.