Master of Marksmanship

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Master of Marksmanship

Quest giver
Outer La Noscea (X:19.5, Y:17.9)

Previous quest
Savior of Skysteel
Next quest
Always the Last Place You Look

Rostnthal seeks to evaluate your natural talent with a firearm.

— In-game description






1. Speak with Rostnsthal.
2. Speak with Stephanivien at the Skysteel Manufactory.


  • Rostnthal seeks to evaluate your natural talent with a firearm.
  • Rostnthal has agreed to test your potential, and instructed you in the fundamentals of firearm use. Meet the master of marksmanship in the Floating City of Nym, and submit yourself to his evaluation.
  • You have survived Rostnthal's grueling evaluation, and succeeded in besting the instructor himself. Bound by his word, the master of marksmanship reluctantly agrees to return to the workshop... but not before informing Stephanivien of the reasons for his sudden resignation. Return to the Skysteel Manufactory, and speak with the financially frustrated chief machinist.
  • Though wishing to reward you more lavishly, Stephanivien's generosity is stifled by House Haillenarte's ailing coffers. In addition to a modest gift, the chief machinist also passes on to you a message from Rostnsthal: master the skills you have learned if you would seek further instruction.
  • The next machinist quest will be available from Stephanivien upon reaching level 35.

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