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A Home for a Tome

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A Home for a Tome

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.9, Y:13.5)
Black Mage
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestShadowbringers
Feature QuestA Tearful Reunion
Experience 448,800
Gil 1,295
Previous quest
Feature QuestOne Golem to Rule Them All

Lalai is eager to hear tell of your recent adventures.

— In-game description




This is the final job quest. Only Role Quests will be added going forward.



  • Lalai is eager to hear tell of your recent adventures.
  • Lalai is most intrigued by your tales of your journey to and from the First. In return, she shares the news that she has at long last completed her written record of all the knowledge of black magic she has gathered in the course of your adventures together. However, now she faces a dilemma, as despite her pleas, the Order of Nald'thal adamantly refuses to house such potentially dangerous knowledge within their archives. At Lalai's behest─and that of the Hearer Zhai'a Nelhah, who once again has invited himself to join in your adventures─you resolve to accompany your friend to the Arrzaneth Ossuary.
  • Upon arriving at the Ossuary, Lalai pleads her case to Prelate Yayake, but her words fall on deaf ears. When you step in to offer your support, the receptionist grudgingly admits that there is one member of the guild who sympathizes with the black mage's argument─and it is none other than Cocobuki, eldest of the five guildmasters. Heartened by the news, Lalai sets off to speak directly with the man himself, in hopes of winning his approval.
  • Though Guildmaster Cocobuki shares Lalai's perspective regarding the value of her research, he explains that his word alone will not suffice to sway the naysayers. Instead, he proposes that a hearing be held with Prioress Dewlala herself, that the head of the Order of Nald'thal might hear both sides of the argument and render her impartial judgment. Lalai is quick to accept the challenge, and wishes to meet with you outside the Ossuary to work out the details of your argument.
  • You have barely begun to discuss your argument when Lalai is struck with a bout of dizziness and suddenly collapses. Clearly shaken by the sight, Zhai'a Nelhah swoops the black mage into his arms and rushes off for Frondale's Phrontistery, where he would treat her further.
  • Puzzling out the details with the help of knowledge you gleaned from your travels to the First, Zhai'a Nelhah believes he has found a way to restore Lalai's aetheric balance and save her from a grim fate. In return, the Hearer asks that you delay the proceedings with Prioress Dewlala by petitioning Master Cocobuki, but his request is cut short when Lalai arrives to insist the hearing go ahead as planned. She entrusts her magnum opus to you and promises to be along shortly. Taking the tomes that are the fruit of Lalai's labors in hand, you set off back for the Ossuary, where your allies and opponents in this cause await.
  • You are doing your best to keep Dewlala's interest piqued when you are rejoined by Lalai, whose aetherial balance has been restored. Thoroughly won over by the black mage's logical and impassioned plea, the Prioress does not merely agree to housing her compendia in the Order's archives, but orders that a new research group dedicated to studying potential applications of black magic be established under Cocobuki's stewardship. Take your leave of this place with your companions, and revel in your hard-earned victory over prescripts and prejudice.
  • Cocobuki congratulates Lalai on her success, while also warning her that the true battle to regain people's trust in the art of black magic has only just begun. Lalai restates her vow to work tirelessly toward her life's goal of handing down the art of black magic to future generations, before taking her leave to convey the good tidings to a certain Hearer who also played a role in your triumph.
  • Zhai'a Nelhah is overjoyed to hear the good tidings, and positively stupefied when Lalai proceeds to offer him genuine words of thanks. The Hearer takes his leave in his typically oblivious and insensitive fashion, upon which Lalai once again thanks you for your efforts on her behalf. Relieved that she need no longer carry on her life's work in the shadows, she asks for your continued support in preserving the art of black magic for posterity.