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The Beard, the Myth, the Legend

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The Beard, the Myth, the Legend

The beard, the myth, the legend1.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:12.5, Y:13.0)
Blue Mage
Learn Goblin Punch.png  Goblin Punch
Experience 55,080
Gil 1,298
Previous quest
Feature QuestAnd the Crowd Goes Mild
Next quest
Feature QuestGridania's Most Wanted

P'yandih seems to be having an easy time managing the guild.

— In-game description


Goblin Punch.png  Goblin Punch is available via:

Open World

Creature Level Race Clan Location
Hobgoblin Guard 78 Spoken Hobgoblin Kholusia (26,10)
Hobgoblin 70 Spoken Hobgoblin Kholusia (37,28)


  • Speak with Martyn at Mealvaan's Gate in Limsa Lominsa.
  • Speak with Martyn and have him accompany you.
  • Speak with crew members on the Astalicia while Martyn is accompanying you.
  • Speak with Hasthwab while Martyn is accompanying you.
  • Speak with Martyn.
  • Speak with Martyn near the Rogue River in middle La Noscea.
  • Speak with P'yandih in Ul'dah.


  • P'yandih seems to be having an easy time managing the guild.
  • P'yandih has recently received word from Martyn, asking that you meet him at Mealvaan's Gate in Limsa Lominsa. Hopeful this means he has found a worthy candidate for your nemesis, she quickly sends you on your way.
  • You find Martyn finishing a lesson with a former pupil, receiving arguably unwarranted compensation for his teachings. With his business finished, he explains that the Executioners may likely have a fighter among them suitable to be your nemesis. To that end, he suggests paying a visit to the Astalicia</Emphasis> to speak with their members.
  • Despite knowing what needs to be done, you cannot help but notice Martyn's apprehension to speak with the Executioners. He suggests you take the lead while he observes from a comfortably safe distance.

※You must be accompanied by Martyn to complete this task. Speak with him again should you become separated.

  • Accompanied by Martyn, you go and speak with several members of the Executioners. They offer two potential candidates, but sadly neither is ideal for your needs. Martyn suggests looking for a higher ranked member who may be more knowledgeable of capable pirates in La Noscea.
  • Together you eventually happen across Hasthwab. Though he doesn't seem in a particularly talkative mood, he does offer a valuable piece of information. A man named Octobeard claims to be the right hand of Mistbeard, and has been seen frequenting the Drowning Wench. Considering Mistbeard's renown, you are convinced any man worthy to work at his side is more than capable of being your nemesis. And so you make for the tavern.
  • Needing to be certain of the man's strength at arms, Martyn challenges Octobeard to trial by combat. The pirate accepts, though perhaps not with the grace or bluster you expected. He bids Martyn come to the Rogue River, and so the two of you take your leave and prepare to test his mettle.
  • With a flourish of his cane, Martyn assails Octobeard with several spells, rendering the pirate seemingly incapacitated. Wishing to know his true identity, Martyn removes his mask and reveals him to be Trachtoum. His aim in adopting the identity of Octobeard was to freely partake of ale from the Drowning Wench. He promises never to do it again and begs his leave before running off, tail between his legs. With no other leads, Martyn believes it time to set his sights elsewhere. He bids you go and report back to P'yandih in Ul'dah while he seeks new leads.
  • You relay the unfortunate news to P'yandih, but she doesn't appear at all discouraged by the unexpected turn of events. She promises to inform Royse and bids you farewell─but not before suggesting you go and learn Schiltron to round out your repertoire of spells.