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Going the Distance

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Going the Distance

Warrior Stormblood image1.png
Quest giver
Broken Mountain
Lower La Noscea (X:25.8, Y:35.2)
Experience 108,000
Gil 1,844
Previous quest
When Push Comes to Shove
Next quest
The Heart of the Problem

Broken Mountain is beside himself with worry.

— In-game description



  • Broken Mountain is beside himself with worry.
  • Curious Gorge has disappeared, but not without a trace. According to Wyrnzoen, a man matching his description recently boarded a ship bound eastward. Broken Mountain is certain his brother has run off in search of Dorgono at the Azim Steppe. Unable to leave his post in Limsa Lominsa, he asks you to search for Curious Gorge and see that he does not come to harm.
  • You travel east to the Azim Steppe, and question the people of a small settlement known as Reunion. While many could not distinguish Curious Gorge from the many travelers passing through, one merchant recalls a large, axe-wielding Roegadyn heading west in search of a Qerel settlement.
  • Curious Gorge was moments away from evisceration when you stepped in to rescue him from a ravenous weasel. He seems no worse for wear as you help him to his feet.
  • You are relieved to see Curious Gorge is without injury, but there is no time for small talk. Dorgono's people are under attack, and so Curious Gorge rushes off to the west.
  • You arrive to find Dorgono looking over the ruin of her people's settlement. As she tells it, they are safe and sound at Reunion. Sadly, there would be no homecoming for Dorgono. The ones responsible for besieging their homes were the very same people they exiled from the Qerel clan. They have created an order of their own, the Chaghan, and believe the blind fury of their inner beasts is a gift from their goddess, the Dusk Mother. The Qerel believe Dorgono to be one of the Chaghan now, and refuse to allow her back. She is now determined to avenge her people and earn back their trust. Your help, and even Curious Gorge's, will be indispensable in this endeavor. As she leaves to go track their whereabouts, she suggests you return to Reunion to rest up and prepare for battle.
  • You speak with Curious Gorge at Reunion, and it seems he has yet to realize the source of his problems. With battle looming on the horizon, one can only hope he comes to terms with his emotions before the fighting begins.
  • ※The next warrior quest will be available from Curious Gorge upon reaching level 70.