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The Battle on Bekko

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The Battle on Bekko

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Quest giver
Kugane (X:13.8, Y:8.0)
Experience 216,000
Gil 2,700
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Hunt for Ugetsu
Next quest
Side QuestThe Legend of Musosai

Makoto looks defeated even before the battle has begun.

— In-game description




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  • Makoto looks defeated even before the battle has begun.
  • Makoto's fears have become reality. Members of the Sekiseigumi are deserting following the revelation that she is Ugetsu's sister and you Musosai's pupil. As it stands, she will not have the strength to face the insurgents. Unwilling to let it end like this, she asks that you seek out your disillusioned comrades in Kugane and bring them back to hear her piece.
  • You have spoken with some of the Sekiseigumi. Though they are unenthused at best, they agree to at least hear what Makoto has to say. You have done your part; the rest is up to your friend.
  • Before the gathered Sekiseigumi, Makoto takes a deep breath and begins her speech. While learning that Kogarashi and Musosai were one and the same instantly restores their opinion of you, it proves much harder for Makoto to regain their respect. Just when it seems her efforts would end in failure, timely intervention comes in the form of Momozigo, who had spontaneously decided to journey to Kugane. Employing his gift of the gob to great effect, he makes them see the error of their thinking, and they rally behind Makoto once more. With hope thus restored, you strike out for the field of battle─for the Isle of Bekko.
  • On the Isle of Bekko, the Sekiseigumi come face–to–face with the insurgents. Battle erupts, and you clash with Ugetsu in a frenetic duel between Musosai's two pupils. At the end of the confrontation, you are the one left standing, and left leaderless, the remaining insurgents turn tail and run.
  • Makoto deals Ugetsu the killing blow, thus fulfilling her quest for revenge and ending a great threat to the realm. Sparing not another glance at her birth brother, she sets off with her adoptive family, back to the Sekiseigumi Barracks.
  • Makoto offers you her eternal gratitude for the vital role you played in defeating the insurgents. Her appointment as captain now official, she pledges to live up to her predecessor's faith in her. Meanwhile, it has come to light that most of the order's younger members joined out of the desire to emulate Kogarashi. Makoto muses that, in embarking upon his quest to right wrongs, Musosai may have wished to sow the seeds of a new generation. Whatever his intent may have been, your master may rest easy in the knowledge that his spirit has taken root within the men and women of the Sekiseigumi, true samurai all who strive to preserve order and ward off chaos. As one who shares their calling, you resolve to continue walking your path with courage and honor, guided always by an unflinching sense of justice.