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Curious Gorge Meets His Match

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Curious Gorge Meets His Match

Warrior Stormblood image1.png
Quest giver
Curious Gorge
Eastern La Noscea (X:30.6, Y:22.9)
Required quest
The Far Edge of Fate
Experience 100,000
Gil 1,978
Previous quest
And My Axe
Next quest
Field Training

The fire in his eyes suggests Curious Gorge is getting ready for a fight.

— In-game description



  • The fire in his eyes suggests Curious Gorge is getting ready for a fight.
  • Since you last met Curious Gorge, the reputation of the Maelstrom and its warriors has spread far and wide. In fact, an anonymous band of marauders has challenged them to battle at the Wolves' Den. Though no one knows who these combatants are, they seem quite familiar with you and your exploits, as they have requested your attendance as well. Not one to disappoint, Curious Gorge wastes no time in traveling to Moraby Drydocks to meet with his brother.
  • You participate in a gripping battle against a poorly disguised Wyrnzoen and his entourage. The dust settles, but one of his marauders refuses to back down. Though Wyrnzoen is at a loss as to why she refuses to yield, the look in her eyes says it all─she has been blinded by the rage of her inner beast. Tossing Wyrnzoen, Broenbhar, and even Curious Gorge into the waters of the pier, you and Broken Mountain are left to subdue this savage beast alone.
  • Having returned to her senses, the young marauder introduces herself as Dorgono of the Qerel clan. The inner beast is not a foreign concept to her people, but they lack the understanding to control it. Because of this, those like her who are influenced by it are exiled. She has ventured to Eorzea to hone her skills in the hopes of mastering her inner beast. Broken Mountain readily accepts Dorgono as a new charge. Curious Gorge, on the other hand, deems himself unfit to train her and chooses to train on his own.
  • Broken Mountain fears he has not the time to both oversee the Maelstrom's fledgling warriors and tend to Dorgono's training. He turns to you for assistance, knowing that only you are capable of defeating Dorgono should she lose herself to her inner beast. For now he bids you rest, while he considers how best to go about her training.
    • ※The next warrior quest will be available from Broken Mountain upon reaching level 63.