Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night

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Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night

Ninja ARR quest image1.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:6.0, Y:6.1)
Required quest
Experience 6,240
Gil 0
Previous quest
Cloying Victory
Next quest
My First Mudra

Jacke has just the job for a dimber mort like yourself.

— In-game description




The quest coordinates are deceiving - you actually need to find the dock storehouse and talk to Byakubu at (X:21.2 Y:26.6) to enter, then you are teleported to the quest location.



  • Jacke has just the job for a dimber mort like yourself.
  • Impressed with the work you have done for his guild, Jacke tasks you with looking into a group of suspicious individuals who have attracted the attention of his men in recent days. Travel to Wineport, where the dodgy types have been seen, and rendezvous with your fellow rogue, Perimu Haurimu.
  • Perimu elaborates upon the target of your investigation─what little he has gleaned, at least─when your conversation is interrupted by the sound of a scream coming from within the town. Head into Wineport and investigate.
  • You enter Wineport to find a milkmaid─the source of the scream─standing over the bodies of three ruffians. She explains that she was almost mugged, until the brutes turned upon each other in a drunken scuffle which incapacitated all of them. Finding her story a bit too convenient, Perimu heads off east of Wineport to investigate. Follow your guildmate and see what he has found.
  • Perimu finds a couple of farmhands lying on the ground, equipped with weapons and suffering from mortal wounds. Convinced more than ever that the innocent milkmaid is not what she appears to be, he heads off in pursuit. Accompany him to upper La Noscea and ascertain the girl's true identity.
  • No sooner do you and Perimu happen upon the girl than are you ambushed by an eccentric Easterner clad in red. A comrade of the girl's arrives, and the would-be assailant retreats, strongly implying that you've not seen the last of him. Conversing with the two reveals them as Oboro and Tsubame, shinobi from the Far Eastern land of Doma, come to bring their traitorous countryman─the man named Karasu─to justice. Upon seeing the soul of his fallen brother respond to your touch, Oboro offers to instruct you in the art of his people in exchange for information that might assist him in his mission. Should you care to take him up on his offer, seek him out at the Raincatcher Gully docks.
  • Oboro is heartened by your arrival, and invites you to step inside the storehouse where the two of you may speak in private. He gives you the necessary password: when the gatekeep Byakubu speaks Ayame, you are to answer Kaede.
  • Your pronunciation of the Doman language seems to have satisfied Byakubu, who grants you passage into the ninja hideout. Speak with Oboro, who awaits you within.
  • Oboro expresses his gratitude for your cooperation, and gives you a brief summary of the ancient art passed down among his people for generations. As he tells it, the art─called ninjutsu─involves channeling the powers of heaven, earth, and man, given physical form through the use of hand gestures known as mudra. He teaches you your first mudra, Ten, and invites you to attune yourself to the soul of his brother and speak with him again to commence your training.