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Life Ephemeral, Path Eternal

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Life Ephemeral, Path Eternal

Sage's Path.png
Quest giver
Lalah Jinjahl
Idyllshire (X:6.1, Y:5.8)
Experience 448,800
Gil 3,031
Previous quest
Feature QuestPledge of Hope

Her preparations complete, Lalah stands ready to bring the reckoning to Guildivain.

— In-game description




This is the final job quest. Only Role Quests will be added going forward.



  • Her preparations complete, Lalah stands ready to bring the reckoning to Guildivain.
  • Lalah informs you that she has finished preparing her countermeasure against Guildivain. With all finally in readiness, the three of you set out for the Hundred Throes in the Dravanian forelands, where the villain has made his lair.
  • By the entrance to Guildivain's cave, Lalah reveals to you the countermeasure: a set of garments imbued with a special enchantment to shield you from your foe's influence. Changing into your new attire, you venture into the cave, where you find Guildivain waiting with Mahaud and Ancel.
  • In service to his twisted research, Guildivain sets Mahaud and Ancel against you, but you succeed in freeing the pair from their enthrallment. Undeterred─and indeed delighted by your feat─the disgraced sage then transforms into a fearsome fiend to personally carry out his tests, but with your staunch comrades at your side, you weather the worst of his fell magicks and subdue him.
  • Though Ancel wants nothing more than to put Guildivain out of his misery, Mahaud believes that Loifa should be the one to decide the villain's fate. And true to his pledge, he spares the man in favor of having him face justice in Sharlayan. Loifa then offers to return his soul crystal to Lalah, but she bids him keep it and, through his deeds, bring honor to her mother's memory.
  • Upon returning to Idyllshire, Lalah informs Loifa and his friends that she has reported their disappearance to her superiors. As the sordid details of Guildivain's experiments have been brought to light─possibly in spite of the Forum's best efforts─the former fugitives' innocence has been made plain. Thus do they need no longer fear pursuit by the Sharlayan authorities and are free to begin anew. Loifa promises to use his powers for good while seeking a cure for Mahaud and Ancel, and they will likewise continue to stand by him. Inspired by their resolve, you make a silent pledge to continue doing your part, bearing the hopes of sages past and fighting for the future of all lives.