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Perspectives in Pursuit

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Perspectives in Pursuit

Pictomancer quest image1.png
Quest giver
Old Gridania (X:11.8, Y:4.5)
Experience ?
Gil 1,038
Previous quest
Feature QuestMind over Manor
Next quest
Feature QuestThe Crate Beyond

Kupopo is eyeing you with approval.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Kupopo at Camp Dragonhead.
  • Speak with the bright-eyed knight.
  • Survey the designated locations.
  • Defeat the hartebeest and obtain its horn.
  • Deliver the hartebeest horn to the cheerless Hearer.


  • Kupopo is eyeing you with approval.
  • Kupopo can tell from your very aura that you have grown more adept at pictomancy─a talent he credits to having once journeyed with two prominent pictomancers: Janquetilaque and his young disciple, Beruru. Though Janquetilaque has since passed away, Kupopo desperately seeks Beruru, who may be traveling the realm alone. With little information to be found in Gridania, Kupopo suggests you follow the road he once traveled with his dear friends and proceed to Camp Dragonhead.
  • You unexpectedly cross paths with the Hearer you aided, who has come to Coerthas as a Gridanian envoy. Bereft of cheer once more, he informs you that his Ishgardian counterpart is in poor health due to an injury he has suffered. A particular antidote may facilitate his recovery, but it requires the horn of a rare hartebeest to prepare. Hearing this, Kupopo proposes that you procure it for the Hearer, and so you are advised to speak with the knights of Camp Dragonhead in the hopes that one may have seen the skittish creature recently.
  • A bright-eyed knight informs you of a hartebeest sighting in the vicinity of the Steel Vigil. He suggests you survey the area, as it may still be nearby.
  • You spy a hartebeest wandering by the Weeping Saint. Cornering the beast by the mouth of the cave may be the best way to ensure it does not escape.
  • You successfully slay the hartebeest and obtain its horn. The cheerless Hearer at Camp Dragonhead will doubtless be overjoyed to receive it.
  • With the horn delivered, the Hearer wastes no time concocting the necessary antidote for the ailing knight, and thanks you for aiding him a second time. Kupopo is no less happy to be of help─such is the calling of the pictomancer, he states, before reiterating the importance of the journey to your craft. You take a moment to reflect on your previous adventures to Ishgard, inspiring Kupopo to set his sights anew once he finishes making inquiries in the camp.
    • ※The next pictomancer quest will be available from Kupopo upon reaching level 85.