Wheels of Justice

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Wheels of Justice

Quest giver
Foundation (X:8.1, Y:10.1)

Previous quest
A Joye-ful Reunion
Next quest
Taking the Fall

Stephanivien seems in a cheerful mood.

— In-game description






  • Speak with Stephanivien.
  • Meet Celestaux in the Forgotten Knight.
  • Speak with Stephanivien.
  • Speak with Stephanivien in Tailfeather.
  • Confront the suspicious fellow north of Tailfeather.
  • Rescue Fraideoux.
  • Speak with Stephanivien at the Skysteel Manufactory.


  • Stephanivien seems in a cheerful mood.
  • Stephanivien welcomes you back to the manufactory, but his cheerful mood is soon soured by the arrival of a Temple Knight. It would seem that the chief machinist has been accused of fomenting insurrection, and a failure to clear this suspicion may result in the seizure of the workshop and imprisonment for its employees. Speak with Stephanivien, and discuss this ominous development.
  • Reasoning that an attempt to disprove his own actions would be fruitless, Stephanivien decides to counter the accusation by providing evidence of Tedalgrinche's wrongdoing. Head to the Forgotten Knight, and join Celestaux in his search for strings that would connect House Dzemael to their crimes.
  • Celestaux tells you of the sudden absence of Fraideoux─the man who stood guard over Joye's abducted father─and explains how his suspicions led him to investigate the novice machinist's abode. Amidst the splinters of broken furniture, it seems he discovered the ragged feather of a wild chocobo. Take the tale back to Stephanivien, and plan your next move.
  • You relay Celestaux's discovery to Stephanivien, and he decides to follow the lead to the Dravanian forelands. Make your way to Tailfeather, and speak with the chief machinist once more.
  • You join Stephanivien and Joye in Tailfeather. The chief machinist has already questioned the local hunters, and learned that a man matching Fraideoux's description was seen in the company of a rough-looking trio. Head to your assigned search area to the north of the settlement, and confront any suspicious fellows you find.
  • You find your quarry in a secluded corner of the forest, but are attacked the instant you approach. The ruffians, however, are no match for your effortless marksmanship. Holster your firearm, and rescue Fraideoux from his bonds.
  • Stephanivien and Joye appear at the scene of the rescue, and Fraideoux begs forgiveness for his unwilling betrayal. The chief machinist waves away the apology, and instead seizes upon the opportunity to turn the tables on his accuser. Return to the Skysteel Manufactory and speak with Stephanivien.
  • You arrive back at the manufactory to find that Stephanivien has, with the aid of Fraideoux's testimony, lodged a counter-accusation against Tedalgrinche. Practice your new machinist technique whilst you wait for the wheels of justice to slowly grind the suspicions against the workshop into dust.

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