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The Heart of the Problem

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The Heart of the Problem

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Quest giver
Curious Gorge
The Azim Steppe (X:31.9, Y:29.5)
Experience 216,000
Gil 3,700
Previous quest
Feature QuestGoing the Distance
Next quest
Side QuestOnce, Twice, Three Times a Warrior

Curious Gorge seems surprisingly calm and collected.

— In-game description







  • Curious Gorge seems surprisingly calm and collected.
  • In an unusual change of pace, Curious Gorge has taken to helping merchants of Reunion with errands. He has been recently tasked with taking two horses up to Mol Iloh, but is wary of leaving one without a rider. He asks you to speak with the horses' owner, so you might saddle up to assist him.
  • The sprightly merchant is only too happy to ready his horse for you. Mounted and ready to ride, he wishes you save travels to Mol Iloh.
  • As you arrive at Mol Iloh, a sheep herder approaches you. His look of satisfaction makes clear that he is the intended recipient of the horse. With the delivery complete, you look for Curious Gorge who should be nearby.
  • Robbed of his inner beast and ability to battle, Curious Gorge has thought long and hard about what life has to offer off the battlefield. He realizes now the vexing emotion which inhibited his inner beast was the love he bears for Dorgono. This understanding of his feelings has also reawakened his once-dormant strength. To cast aside any lingering feelings of doubt or hesitation, he plans to profess his love to her. To that end, he bids you follow him back to Reunion.
  • Both Curious Gorge and Dorgono have been waiting for your return. His look of exasperation makes it clear he has buckled under pressure. Your presence offers him a modicum of courage, but before he can say a word, she interrupts him to relay grave news to you─the Chaghan have grown bolder, and now plan to attack Mol Iloh. She means to cut them off before they can reach the settlement and leaves ahead of you. Curious Gorge grows increasingly frustrated with himself, and asks you to give him the one thing certain to dispel his fear─the realm-shattering slap of Eorzea's greatest warrior!
  • It is all Curious Gorge can do not to fall to the ground from the force of your mighty blow. He is now duly inspired and ready to help Dorgono rout the Chaghan.
  • You find Dorgono south of the settlement, surveying the area for the Chaghan. The silent operation is foiled, however, by the boisterous bellowing of Curious Gorge as he attempts to profess his love to her. Your cover blown, a fierce battle with the Chaghan soon ensues. The song of steel echoes across the Azim Steppe, and after the final refrain, you find yourselves victorious. Or so it seems. The Chaghan are defeated, but the threat of danger still looms in Curious Gorge who has been overcome by his inner beast. Though he seems beyond reasoning, it is a confession of love from Dorgono that brings him back to his senses.
  • Love is in the air, and Dorgono asks Curious Gorge to return with her to start anew as part of the Qerel clan. With a heavy heart he declines. Control of his inner beast still eludes him, and he cannot suffer the thought of hurting the one he loves most. He vows to become the realm's second─or third─strongest warrior, hoping to someday be worthy of her affection. Dorgono bids you both farewell and departs to at last rejoin her people.
  • Curious Gorge is a man of his word, and jokingly warns you that, should you decide to rest on your laurels for even a moment, he intends to rob you of your title of realm's greatest warrior. That said, he concedes you both have earned rest after such a grueling battle. Longing for home, you both return to Limsa Lominsa.
  • Broken Mountain is relieved to see you both returned safely, hopeful that things would return to as they were. Unfortunately that would not be the case. Still struggling to control his inner beast, Curious Gorge again relinquishes his position as instructor to resume training at the Hidden Falls. Though his brother is certain to emerge from his training a warrior transformed, Broken Mountain hopes you will answer their call should the realm want for a mighty axe.