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Spearheading Initiatives

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Spearheading Initiatives

AST HW quest image1.png
Quest giver
The Pillars (X:15.2, Y:10.2)
Experience 23,400
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestLoved by the Sun
Next quest
Feature QuestSharlayan Ascending

Leveva appears anxious. It might be in your best interest not to keep her waiting any longer.

— In-game description





  • Leveva appears anxious. It might be in your best interest not to keep her waiting any longer.
  • Leveva believes you are ready to open the sixth and final heaven's gate. Tell Jannequinard that you will be departing soon.
  • Jannequinard, in a rare display of enthusiasm, has decided to accompany you to Camp Dragonhead. Journey to the Ishgardian camp and join Leveva and Quimperain who have already set forth.
  • When Leveva is accused of attacking the astrologian that the three of you recently rescued in Rathefrost, she freely surrenders herself to the Temple Knights for questioning. However, it is soon discovered that the knights are actually impostors tasked with delivering Leveva to a waiting Sharlayan thaumaturge who means to escort her back to the Old World. Wasting no time, you, Quimperain, and─amazingly─Jannequinard join forces to defeat Leveva's abductors, and subsequently find a missive on the body of the Sharlayan mage. Speak with Leveva to discuss your next course of action.
  • You have unlocked the gate to the heaven of ice and attuned with the Spear. Speak with Jannequinard and see what he makes of the missive.
  • The missive turns out to be orders for the attack you suffered, signed by none other than Forlemort. Jannequinard suggests you confront the chief astrologian at the Observatorium's astroscope.
  • Forlemort agrees that in exchange for your silence regarding the missive, he will no longer interfere in Leveva and Jannequinard's efforts at spreading the word of Sharlayan astrology in Ishgard. For now, you are free to take your first steps as a fully attuned astrologian.