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False Friends

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False Friends

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Quest giver
Surito Carito
Upper La Noscea (X:25.6, Y:22.3)

Experience 62,400
Gil 1,013
Previous quest
Next quest
Ooh Rah

Surito Carito seems to be at wit's end.

— In-game description






  • Continue searching for the south seas amphora.
  • Continue searching for the south seas amphora.


  • Surito Carito seems to be at wit's end.
  • The cause of Surito Carito's frustration is a lack of progress-he cannot cure the sickness without learning more of it. He explains the scourge of his people came from the ocean, upon a trader's galley. Sailors lost in a terrible storm drifted to a desert isle in the south seas, where they met a tribe of Lalafells. These natives gave the traders succor, and sent them home with a wondrous gift-an ornate amphora. Upon hearing the tale in full, however, Alka Zolka realizes that this vase may be the sickness's source, for would not these traders otherwise have transformed? To discover the truth of this, and learn more of the illness, Surito Carito entreats you to search for the south seas amphora in what remains of the Floating City of Nym.
  • Your search for the south seas amphora has availed you naught, but there are yet more places to scour. Continue to look in another area.
  • You look about for the south seas amphora a second time, but to no avail. Move on to another vantage point and try again.
  • You look high and low, and spot something protruding from the dirt nearby. Go and attempt to dig it free.
  • Though voidsent appear as if from nowhere to preempt your discovery, you make short work of them. Now is the time to excavate the earthenware amphora.
  • You pry the empty amphora from the soil. Return to Surito by the Wanderer's Palace, and ask whether or not this is the south seas amphora you seek.
  • Though amazed to find it intact, Surito concludes that the vase is the selfsame amphora the traders brought back to Nym. However, he is shocked by what he sees inside: a binding sigil, carved into the bottom to hold a voidsent. Surito reveals that this is the work of Mhach, an ancient nation of magi who drew their might from the void and coveted Nym. Bewildered, he wonders if everything, from the storm to the traders' miraculous return, had been a Mhachi plot to bring low his people. Greatly troubled, he asks for time to think upon the role that void magi played in spreading the sickness.

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