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The Legend of Musosai

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The Legend of Musosai

The Legend of Musosai.png
Quest giver
Kugane (X:13.8, Y:8.0)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestShadowbringers
Feature QuestCourage Born of Fear
Experience 448,800
Gil 2,518
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Battle on Bekko

Makoto looks to be preparing for a journey.

— In-game description




This is the final job quest. Only Role Quests will be added going forward.



  • Makoto looks to be preparing for a journey.
  • Makoto informs you that she is about to depart for Eorzea in order to visit Musosai's grave. Believing the timing of your arrival to be fortuitous, she invites you to accompany her on the journey, and you are happy to oblige. Upon arriving in Ul'dah, she says that she will first call on your showmaster friend, Momozigo, at the Quicksand.
  • You and Makoto come to the Quicksand, but Momozigo is presently absent. For now, you decide to continue on to the Silver Bazaar, where Musosai was laid to rest.
  • At the Silver Bazaar, Makoto cannot help but notice the presence of folk attired as samurai. While the observation is indeed curious, you set them aside in your mind for now and proceed to Musosai's grave.
  • Kneeling before Musosai's grave, Makoto tells him of your victory over Ugetsu and his insurgents. No sooner does she finish her report than a commotion breaks out nearby, and she instinctively dashes off to investigate. Catching up to her, you are met with the sight of a familiar-looking Roegadyn. The man takes exception at those who are dressed as samurai, saying that they sully Musosai's memory. As soon as he sees you, however, he flees the scene as if his life depended on it. Her interest piqued by the fact that he knows both you and Musosai, Makoto decides to give chase, and you follow on her heels in the direction of the docks.
  • It doesn't take long for you and Makoto to corner the mystery man, who is revealed to be none other than Ostyrgrein, the bodyguard you defeated on the deck of a ship once upon a time. He claims he has since mended his ways, and desiring to become a true samurai, has taken to visiting Musosai's grave daily. Recently, however, someone has been telling the tale of Musosai's quest to right wrongs, which resulted in the Silver Bazaar becoming something of a tourist attraction. This led to his earlier outburst, which in turn led you and Makoto to him. Ostyrgrein then begs you to take him on as his pupil, but you are reluctant to do so. Sensing his determination, Makoto invites him to come to Kugane to train, and he happily accepts. Before they depart for the Far East, however, Makoto suggests returning once more to the Quicksand, where she believes another familiar face may be found telling a familiar tale.
  • As Makoto had suspected, the storyteller who has been spreading the tale of Musosai's deeds is none other than Momozigo, and he begins another session soon after you arrive. You listen intently as he dramatically recounts your journey with your former master, the words bringing your memories of that time back to vivid life. Afterwards, you share with him your recent adventures in the First, that he might add to his repertoire. Having bid Makoto and Ostyrgrein farewell, Momozigo urges you to keep up fighting the good fight, that Musosai's legacy might live on not only in you, but in others besides.