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Three's a Company

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Three's a Company

Three's a Company Image.png
Quest giver
South Shroud (X:21.8, Y:21.3)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Far Edge of Fate
Experience 100,000
Gil 1,407
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Ballad of Oblivion
Next quest
Feature QuestMasked Motives

Jehantel's eyes light up at the sight of you.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Sanson at Quiver's Hold.
  • Speak with Vorsaile Heuloix at the Adders' Nest.
  • Speak with the letter's sender at Nine Ivies.
  • Speak with Nourval at Castrum Oriens.


  • Jehantel's eyes light up at the sight of you.
  • His voice brimming with delight, Jehantel informs you that Sanson, with whom you previously journeyed, has succeeded in gaining official approval for his bard unit. Even now, the young serpent captain rounds up members for its maiden mission, in relation to which he apparently has a favor to ask of you. Take yourself to Quivers' Hold in Gridania and see what your friend requires.
  • Greeting you warmly, Sanson requests your participation in his unit's first outing. If you would lend him your aid, join him at the Adders' Nest, where he will receive his orders from Commander Vorsaile Heuloix.
  • An anonymous letter has arrived at the Adders' Nest, which claims the existence of a tome bearing a damning secret pertaining to the Autumn War. In order to curb the growing anti-Ala Mhigan sentiment among Gridanians, the Order of the Twin Adder has decided to dispatch Sanson's newly formed unit to investigate. Head to Nine Ivies in the East Shroud and seek out the letter's mysterious sender.
  • At Nine Ivies, you make contact with the letter's sender, a native of Gridania named Nourval. The young man claims to be descended from a soldier who fought in the Autumn War, and based on his parents' account, the tome in question is to be found somewhere in Gyr Abania. He offers to assist in the search on the condition that he is permitted to join it, and Sanson relents. Make your way now to Castrum Oriens, which lies on the region's fringes.
  • At Nourval's recommendation, Sanson decides that the unit will remain in Castrum Oriens for a while to gather information. Take a rest for now, and be ready to depart when your comrades are done making their respective inquiries.
    • ※The next bard quest will be available from Sanson upon reaching level 63.