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Our Compromise

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Our Compromise

Dark Knight StB Quest image1.png
Quest giver
Foundation (X:13.3, Y:12.0)
Dark Knight
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestA Familiar Face Forgotten
Experience 216,000
Gil 2,700
Previous quest
Feature QuestWe Can Never Go Home
Next quest
Side QuestOur Closure

You knew from the first that there was only one way this could end.

— In-game description





  • You knew from the first that there was only one way this could end.
  • Sid has at last accepted that Myste is not coming back to Ishgard, and that if we are to reclaim the remainder of our stolen aether, we will need to take the initiative. Rhalgr's Reach was the last place you spoke, and so that is where we will go.
  • In speaking with the people of Rhalgr's reach, we learn that Myste stayed there for a time, asking questions of a conjurer regarding aether and perhaps being responsible for the mysterious deaths of several chocobos. He's been naughty, to say the least.
  • Sid is unsure what to make of what we learned, though it seems fairly obvious to me what mischief the boy's been about. And you too, I hope. Anyway, it would seem that Myste was seen leaving the Reach and heading towards the Peaks. The hunt is on!
  • Two beasts, dead, with no discernable injuries. Now where have we heard that before? Sid finally realizes that the boy must have sucked them dry of their aether, in the same way that he stole our aether. Needless to say, he is far, far more dangerous than he appears. A pity it took you all this long to see it.
  • Wrong way, wrong way! He'll kill Sid and Rielle if we don't hurry!
  • And now, the betrayal. Myste believes that the only way we can atone for our sins is to “undo” them with his simulacrums. Every life we took, every death that weighs upon our soul, he would make amends for it all with his beautiful lies. I can end this charade, godsdammit, I can end it! Now is the time! You need me! YOU NEED ME!
  • ...So it goes. If you would not forsake me, then of course you would not forsake him. And so...neither can I. He is a fool, but he is our little fool. The little [boy/girl] who wanted to make this cruel, twisted world a better place, futile as that is. [He/She]'s going to get us killed one of these days...but what can I say? I love [him/her]. I forgive [him/her]. And you...
  • Do you recall how we came to this place? At a friend's behest, in the midst of a raging blizzard? As we drew closer the gates faded into vision, and the towering spires...the man bowed low and bade us follow him, up the winding stair, from still smoldering ruin to untouched splendor. There we found a warm home and warm hearth, and warm hearts...
  • At the Last Vigil, as you reflect once more on the path you have walked, you are surprised by Lord Edmont, who greets you warmly. News of your exploits is delivered to Fortemps Manor daily, and you remain always in the thoughts of the former count and his family. Though a part of him wishes that you would remain in Ishgard, he knows that your destiny leads you elsewhere, for you are still a hero. You are still a good person.