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Kindred Spirits

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Kindred Spirits

Dark Knight HW Quest image2.png
Quest giver
Foundation (X:13.3, Y:12.0)
Dark Knight
Experience 49,920
Gil 1,348
Previous quest
The Knight and the Maiden Fair
Next quest
Original Sins

The words of the Vanu shaman yet trouble Sidurgu...

— In-game description







  • The words of the Vanu shaman yet trouble Sidurgu...
  • Who better to tell you more of the “great spirit” than those who commune with spirits regularly? For that reason, Sidurgu hopes that the conjurers of Stillglade Fane can offer insight into Rielle's condition. He notes that the road to Gridania will offer many opportunities for the Temple Knights to attack. At the very least, you should be safe as far as Camp Dragonhead.
  • Suspecting that the Temple Knights are nearby, Sidurgu offers to scout out the road to the Observatorium. Stay with Rielle and follow him at a distance.
  • Not long after you part ways, the Temple Knights attack, spurring you and Rielle to make haste to the Observatorium. Though the knights are no match for you, their numbers are legion, and you find yourself growing weary from the struggle. However, Rielle's conjury proves surprisingly potent, and you are able to fend off your attackers until you reach the safety of the Observatorium's walls.
  • Sidurgu chides himself for leaving your side and bids you make haste to Gridania, before the Temple Knights return with reinforcements. Seek out Brother E–Sumi–Yan at the Conjurers' Guild and beg his assistance.
  • After a cursory examination, Brother E–Sumi–Yan states that the Vanu shaman spoke true, after a fashion. Rielle's innate spiritual presence does indeed bear similarities to that of the elementals─and the Dravanians. Citing an ancient legend in which a man ingested the blood of dragons to become one himself, he speculates that Rielle may have partaken of the blood of an ancient Dravanian. Though Sidurgu is unnerved by the implication, Rielle's feelings are unclear, her face an unreadable mask. Before you embark for Ishgard, Brother E–Sumi–Yan suggests you rest a while at the Carline Canopy.
  • Frustrated by her silence in the face of Brother E–Sumi–Yan's suggestions, Sidurgu presses Rielle for an explanation. She pauses, and then, with a faraway look in her eyes, she speaks softly of her imprisonment in a windowless cell, with walls so thick she could not even hear the rain. She denies drinking dragon blood, and claims that she was never accused of such. As for their reasons, she intones that her captors simply said, “it's better this way.” Uncertain how to respond, Sidurgu excuses himself and steps outside, leaving you to look after Rielle until she has finished eating.
  • As you watch Rielle eat, you start to wonder how long she was kept in her cell, and how she passed the time in solitude. Afterwards, she thanks you for waiting and heads outside to find Sidurgu.
  • Eager to quit the forest, Sidurgu departs with Rielle. Return to the Forgotten Knight and speak with them there.
  • Blessedly, you and Sidurgu meet with no trouble on the road back to Ishgard. Recognizing that he has yet to adequately recompense you for your services, he resolves to share what knowledge of the dark arts he has with you.
    • ※The next dark knight quest will be available from Sidurgu upon reaching level 56.