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The Paladin Who Cried Wolf

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The Paladin Who Cried Wolf

Paladin HW quest image.png
Quest giver
Central Thanalan (X:23, Y:27)
Experience 48,360
Gil 1,245
Previous quest
An Exemplary Example
Next quest
Big Sollerets to Fill

Papashan is relieved to see you.

— In-game description





  • Papashan is relieved to see you.
  • Papashan has determined that Solkzagyl's last missive was sent from Falcon's Nest in the Coerthas western highlands. Journey to the hamlet and see what you can learn of the missing paladin's whereabouts.
  • Though you hear mention of a rather large man being attacked by bandits the other night, it remains unclear if it was Solkzagyl. The only other viable lead appears to be Hundred Eyes, a Roegadyn craftsman who has worked with many migrant laborers since the reconstruction of Falcon's Nest began.
  • To your dismay, you learn from Hundred Eyes that Solkzagyl was indeed the man ambushed in the wastes the other night. The craftsman buried him the next day, in a yard on the ridge by Camp Riversmeet. Journey to the paladin's grave and pay your respects.
  • You arrive in time to rescue a young boy from a group of bandits curiously intent on ending his life. Afterwards, he explains that he was a friend of Solkzagyl's, and that the men who killed him are the same ones whom you just defeated: Death's Embrace, the assassins who stole Oathkeeper years ago at the behest of the Monetarists. As you watch the boy go, Papashan contacts you via linkpearl, and you inform him of Solkzagyl's death. Aghast and confused, he bids you go after the boy and see what else you can learn of Solkzagyl's final days.
  • The boy introduces himself as Constaint, friend and former pupil of Solkzagyl. After the former captain saved him from a pack of ravenous wolves, Constaint begged the captain to teach him the ways of the paladin. For a time, Solkzagyl refused, but eventually he relented and accepted the boy as his student. However, he never shared his latest discoveries with Constaint, choosing instead to challenge Death's Embrace when the boy was absent. Though he lacks a master, Constaint is still resolved to become a paladin and reclaim Oathkeeper in Solkzagyl's stead. With your help, he may yet succeed.
    • ※ The next paladin quest will be available from Constaint upon reaching level 54.