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The Killing Art

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The Killing Art

Reaper quest image1.png
Quest giver
Lemures Headquarters (X:6.1, Y:6.1)
Experience 448,800
Gil 3,751
Previous quest
Feature QuestThicker than Blood

Hermin seems to be in a fit of pique, her anger directed at something you cannot see.

— In-game description




This is the final job quest. Only Role Quests will be added going forward.



  • Hermin seems to be in a fit of pique, her anger directed at something you cannot see.
  • A chilling gift was delivered not long ago to Lemures headquarters: a letter writ in blood, stating that Orcus awaits you at the Dusk Vigil. In response, Hermin summons all members of the family willing and able to fight. Sensing that this group, however loyal, would be summarily dispatched by the voidsent, you convince them to stay behind. Hermin reluctantly agrees, but bids you take Drusilla's scythe, for a reaper is naught without their weapon, and their leader will surely need hers. The Lemures send you off with a cheer...though as you journey to the Dusk Vigil, you sense a presence shadowing your every step...
  • Upon your arrival at the designated location, Orcus contacts and urges you deeper into the ruins, until you come face-to-face with the voidsent in a windswept chamber, where he eagerly awaits your coming together with a battered but still breathing Drusilla. Reveling in the cornucopia of fear and hatred you have become, Orcus attacks, ready to avail himself of his meal, but you prove tougher than he anticipated. Distracted by your valiant opposition, Orcus fails to notice Drusilla regain consciousness, and once your mentor reclaims her scythe, the two of you quickly overpower your malevolent foe. The monster is defeated, but still lives, and the right of vengeance falls to one woman...
  • With a final swing of her scythe, Drusilla ends the curse that her grandfather unleashed upon the world. There are no more words to share, and Drusilla decides it is time to return to Lemures headquarters─to return home.
    ※You may re-enter Lemures headquarters by speaking with the loyal Lemure in Pearl Lane.
  • Though Drusilla still mourns Arnegis and believes herself unfit to lead for having dragged the family into her personal vendetta, the Lemures will hear none of it. They remain loyal to her for having saved their lives and giving them a place to call home. Taking their words to heart, Drusilla declares that the Lemures will no longer be defined by their past ties, but by their shared future. She then welcomes you anew to her family, to the enthusiastic approval of all. With the Lemures poised to enjoy relative peace and quiet for a time, Drusilla bids you farewell─but also encourages you to look in on the family when you grow weary from the weight of the world.