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A Dignified Visitor

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A Dignified Visitor

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:11.9, Y:9.5)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestThe Far Edge of Fate
Experience 100,000
Gil 778
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Face of True Evil
Next quest
Feature QuestTrials of the Sekiseigumi

Momozigo is wearing a sheepish look that suggests a favor is coming your way.

— In-game description


  • Speak with the dignified samurai.
  • Join Makoto near the Silver Bazaar.
  • Speak with Makoto.
  • Join Makoto at Musosai's grave.
  • Report to Momozigo at the Quicksand.


  • Momozigo is wearing a sheepish look that suggests a favor is coming your way.
  • Momozigo informs you that a visitor from Hingashi has come calling for Musosai, but he didn't have the heart to tell her of his passing. As you were the old man's pupil, however, he suggests that the news is best delivered by you, and points you to the dignified samurai in front of the Quicksand.
  • You break the bad news to the dignified samurai, whose shoulders visibly slump. Regaining her composure, she introduces herself as Makoto of the Sekiseigumi, the peacekeeping force of Kugane. Desiring to pay her respects to Musosai, she asks that you show her to his resting place at the Silver Bazaar.
  • En route to the Silver Bazaar, you are set upon by ravenous fiends, but they are no match for you. Having neutralized the threat, you turn to tell Makoto that it is safe to continue on.
  • Apologizing for standing idle as you fought, Makoto confesses that she wished to make certain you were indeed Musosai's pupil. Your sublime bladework has lifted any doubt she may have harbored, and she sets off once more for the Silver Bazaar.
  • Having paid her respects to Musosai, Makoto shares with you her reverance for your master. While others branded him a craven for refusing to commit seppuku, she knew in her heart that he had a greater purpose, and your very existence has reaffirmed this belief. She goes on to reveal her reason for coming to Eorzea: to entreat Musosai's aid in fighting a faction of insurgents led by none other than his wayward pupil, a man named Ugetsu. However, this was not to be, and she takes her leave to return to her distant homeland.
  • Momozigo thanks you for taking care of Makoto during her brief stay. Though concerned for the Sekiseigumi's struggles, he concedes that there is little that can be done from the other side of the world. Sending you on your way, Momozigo asks that you pay him a visit every so often, lonely as it is without old Musosai around.
    • ※The next samurai quest will be available from Momozigo upon reaching level 63.