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Sidequest.pngDark Knight Job Quest

Feature Quest icon.png


Quest giver
Foundation (X:13, Y:12)

Dark Knight
Experience 167,400
Gil 1,699
Previous quest
The Flame in the Abyss
Next quest
In Memories We Walked

Sid seems strangely at peace, for a change.

— In-game description






  • Speak with Rielle.
  • Rendezvous with Sidurgu in Twinpools.
  • Speak with Sidurgu in Ishgard.
  • Protect Rielle!


  • Sid seems strangely at peace, for a change.
  • Countess Ystride's missive has arrived at last. You, Sidurgu, and Rielle are to meet with her in the western highlands, that you might conduct your trial by combat far from prying eyes. Before you depart, Sidurgu tells you that Rielle wishes to say a few words.
  • As Rielle thanks you for the time you shared together, you are struck by how much she has changed. The quiet, unassuming girl you first met has grown tremendously, shaped by her experiences on the road and the knights who have kept her safe. Sidurgu seems to see it as well, regarding her with a newfound respect. With nothing left to discuss, the knight bids you journey to Twinpools together and settle matters once and for all.
  • Desperate to find absolution in the death of her daughter, Countess Ystride quickly discards all pretense and commands wave after wave of Temple Knights to kill Rielle. Eventually, she attempts to carry out the deed herself, but you and Sidurgu manage to subdue her and kill her remaining knights. The dark knight stands poised to strike her down as well, but relents, reasoning that for all her crimes, she is still Rielle's mother. However, the countess declares that she will never stop hunting the girl, for it is the will of the Fury.
  • Perhaps, in some corner of her heart, she knew it could only end like this. Rielle steps forward and tells Ystride that she will pray for her one last time, that she might find peace in Halone's halls. Grudgingly, Sidurgu readies his sword once more, and Rielle begins to administer the last rites to her mother. As the blade meets her neck, Ystride looks to her daughter, and for a moment, the hatred which consumed her is nowhere to be seen... After a time, Rielle says simply that you will return to Ishgard. Sparing a final glance for her mother, she turns and walks away.
  • In the end, it would seem that Rielle would rather remain in the company of Sidurgu─provided he continues to be more honest with her. He responds to her ultimatum in typical fashion, prompting you and Rielle to share a laugh. The two intend to remain in Ishgard for a time, as there are doubtless others in need of their help. But for whom will you stand? For your friends? For Eorzea? Or perhaps, for the one within who is ever waiting to take the reins...

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