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The Hands of Fate

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The Hands of Fate

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Quest giver
The Pillars (X:15.2, Y:10.0)
Experience 100,000
Gil 1,610
Previous quest
Feature QuestTrumped
Next quest
Feature QuestEast Meets West

Jannequinard and Lady Leveva appear to be ready to depart─with or without you.

— In-game description




See also: Artifact Armor

The coffer contents are the Artifact Armor for Heavensward, which is Item Level 210 former Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics Allagan Tomestone of Esoterics gear. The coffer was added to this quest with the launch of Stormblood. The rest of the set is available at Yolaine in Foundation (X:13.1, Y:11.9) for Centurio Seal Centurio Seals.



  • Jannequinard and Lady Leveva appear to be ready to depart─with or without you.
  • As a last-ditch effort to save Lady Leveva and her grandfather, you conceive a plan in which you will attempt to fool Sevestre into believing you possess a second document that could implicate him in Rufin's murder. Travel to Sharlayan's Answering Quarter in the Dravanian hinterlands and rendezvous with Jannequinard to begin your preparations for the final showdown.
  • There is time before the scheduled meeting with Sevestre and Lady Leveva wishes to view the land where her father was raised. Join her on a walk through the abandoned city-state.
  • The time is nigh for your confrontation with Sevestre. Proceed to the place of meeting and wait for the Sharlayan official's arrival.
  • Before you can even attempt to blackmail Sevestre, he reveals that the document contained in Rufin's diary was the only one remaining. The revelation is followed by a violent exchange from which, despite Sevestre's ability to manipulate time itself, you miraculously emerge victorious and retrieve the diary. In a lapse of judgment that could only be attributed to hubris, it appears Sevestre has failed to remove the information which damns him, allowing Lady Leveva to use the diary as leverage to see her grandfather freed and have Sevestre report to the Forum that she has perished on Eorzean soil. She may continue her activities in Ishgard unimpeded by the Old World.
  • There is time for one last conversation with Jannequinard before you can celebrate.
  • Upon returning to Ishgard, you learn that Lady Leveva has taken the name of her father Rufin and plans to continue his legacy. Jannequinard plans to finally unlock the remaining heavens, and Quimperain... He is most likely stuck doing the same thing he always has─suffer his master.